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PS- the “Hickshaw” Cabin is for sale…
June 28, 2010, 8:38 am
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The little mini-cabin/portable sleeper featured in Episode #1 of “Tiny Yellow House” is for sale…(And scroll further down to watch a video showing 100 or so pages of my tiny housing book!)

Interior of The Hickshaw (as seen on "Tiny Yellow House" TV)

$1500.00- all cedar, tuftex roofing, on wheels, etc…. the video has seen over TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND views now- on that little cabin alone. You’d have to pick it up- and it will fit into ANY truck bed easily…

All in all, as I’m working on two NEW structures/designs, I need to clear some space out of my backyard….and the funds from the sale will help cover materials for my new creations (to be featured in future episodes), AND for the eventual printing of my NEXT micro-housing book….

Heck, you purchase the “Hickshaw” and I just might have to name/dedicate the next cabin after YOU….

As for my book, and other info, etc- Again, see the next post below…


STILL need some small advertisers for the “Tiny Yellow House” show- you chance to reach tens of thousands of people, for as low as $150.00

Randomly Diggin: The twisted works of (horror fiction) John Grover tell him “Derek” sent ya….


NPR folks- Wanna see 100 or so pages of my micro-housing book?
June 27, 2010, 10:38 pm
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After the NPR segment on myself and Peter King, I’ve received a ton of emails asking if its possible to see the interior (more) of the book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” before buying it….understandably so….

Disclaimer- this is NOT one of my “Tiny Yellow House” youtube videos/shows….I’ll explain below…

If you’re looking to save yourself time- FAST FORWARD until the 2:14 mark in the video….

By the way, the book is a 100% independent, hand assembled, limited run, so if you want a copy, act now, as they’re certainly moving fast from the NPR exposure. I’ll sign ’em all too- if you’d like, but that could very well lessen the book’s value!

 So, here you go- this video stinks- its me in my basement, with a handheld flip camera, bad-lighting, and I look like I pulled an all-nighter, but after you duke it out through my 1 minute intro of blathering- you’ll get to see a good 100 or so pages of book, as I flip through it and yack some more…

As for the other NPR-interview related info- check the recent blog below this entry…. and some real cool stained glass dome house pictures coming soon!

AND check out my REAL episodes of “Tiny Yellow House” here…

Those coming from NPR- Welcome…Lots going on…Tiny Houses, TV shows, and Van Halen- oh my!
June 26, 2010, 8:01 am
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Above: A recent “Tiny Yellow House” TV shoot on a Vermont Cabin built by myself and Dustin Diedricksen (my brother). We’re still in need of a few small advertisers to help us back/fund the editing and completion of this show….scroll down for more info on that, and for an interior shot of the cabin….

AND….Here’s a recap of recent happenings, for those just joining us- and MEGA-thanks to Jon Kalish from NPR for the interview/feature! Airs Sunday morning….June 27th

First off, for those who’d be kind enough to support a 100% independent artist/author, my book “Humble Homes…” can be ordered from the lefthand column… $18.95 (free shipping)

My kid’s book “Williker Wumbly”- more so a tongue-twisting, physical challenge is also available (and in its 2nd small printing now)…$8.95 (free shipping).

My new tune “Anklelock”- featuring the vocals of Gary Cherone of Extreme/Van Halen fame, is now up for download, if bored… $0.99 It was written by myself and Bill Bracken (both of us from The tune can be heard/found/downloaded here- again 100% indie!

AND…before I bore you to death, and then we’ll get back to tiny housing and my other in-the-works building projects in subsequent entries….

Photos by Bruce Bettis- Here's an interior shot from an upcoming D.I.Y. VT Cabin episode of "Tiny Yellow House" TV (advertisers needed...)

   Tiny Yellow House TV (which I host, direct, produce) is in need of a few small sponsors/advertisers. You’ll reach tens of thousands of people in return- and your logo/ad will be up forever (IN THE SHOW!)…unlike dead-after-one-month print ads. Companies, anonymous backers, individual backers, etc- all are welcome for inclusion in these upcoming episodes…cheap! Episodes are filmed on a Sony HD red camera….state of the art! Here’s a few of the shows we’re working on right now…

      -Inteview Show with Jay Shafer of The Tiny Tumbleweed House Company…

     -A feature on the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, and my Vermont cabin (plus an underground house in Coventry, VT)

    -A solar cooking feature testing a few ovens bought from and a home-rig I built….

   -And one smaller budgeted show based on a unique, old, marsh-locked cottage in Connecticut (being filmed VERY soon!)

   you can email me at for ad-package inquiries….some starting as low as $150.00 for your company.



Baltic/Sprague CT- tiny house speaking appearance…
June 24, 2010, 8:29 am
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Thurs, July 29th. Any tiny housers in the CT/RI/MA area- its FREE. As part of the CT Author’s Trail, I’ll be yackin’ about the designs in my book, self publishing, and more at the Sprague CT Public Library (at the Grist Mill), where I’ve been invited to speak. Should be fun, and IF done in time, I’m going to bring one of my new portable cabins with me for a hands-on display…. Its a brand new one you haven’t seen….

Life’s a BEACH- hopefully… (tiny beach-vacation cabins/shacks)
June 23, 2010, 2:29 pm
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Need I add any of my usual blather? What a cool looking place- and the one in the background is just as ideal… (from

Get Satisfied Book- pertains to Tiny Living/Houses….
June 23, 2010, 10:03 am
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The fine folks over at (which have a GREAT gallery of cartoons/comics (File Under: Waste Your Bosses Time While On The Clock!)), sent me this book to check out and/or review- which I will do in an upcoming d.i.y. edition of “Tiny Yellow House”- (alongside several other indie- very cool- books that have been sent this way).

Anyway, all in all, the book is composed of twenty submitted stories, all pretty inspiring (and from ALL walks of life), on how less can mean so much more- which certainly pertains to most of our obsessions with tiny housing, beating the mortgage system, and goin’ it alone/d.i.y.’n.

 Hey, ‘coinin’ a new phrase here “D.I.Y.’n or Dyin’ “- it’d make a cool bumper sticker!

Ahem….anyway, I couldn’t so much identify with one couple who “downsized” from LA to Kentucky to a custom built 5000+ square foot home, but in their case, it was a tale of leaving a less hectic life- so even such outpourings offered some entertaining perspective and advice.

All in all, its very cool, well-written and organized, book- I thoroughly enjoyed it- and will yack a little more about it soon- on video…. Thanks again to Carol Holst and crew….

As for my book- the NPR interview on it (and my “Tiny Yellow House” TV series) apparently will air this Sunday. When I find out the show/time, it’ll be posted here.


RANDOMLY DIGGIN’: The idea behind the “Local H” 6 Angry Records Tour. Genious. These guys have been doin’ their thing since the early 90s I believe, and I own several of their garage-rock, punk infused records (had them LIVE on my radio show (fully plugged in!) on 104.1 WBCN/CBS once too), which I STILL listen to. Anyhow, with their current tour, they’ll allow a fan in the crowd to pick one of their six main albums out of a hat- and whatever album chosen will be that night’s show- from front to back! Ballsy, and clever.

My VT Cabin featured by Janzen n’ Griswold
June 22, 2010, 6:22 pm
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"Relaxing, in the middle of nowhere..."

“Janzen N’ Griswold”- sounds like a crime fighting duo! Evil doers, and those living beyond their spacious means, beware! No, Kent Griswold of and Michael Janzen of recently featured some various new photos of my VT cabin- shots that were taken for Mimi Zeiger’s upcoming micro-housing book (by Rock N’ Roll Photographer Bruce Bettis- THE BEST!).

Here’s Kent’s post:

And Michael’s…