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NPR folks- Wanna see 100 or so pages of my micro-housing book?
June 27, 2010, 10:38 pm
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After the NPR segment on myself and Peter King, I’ve received a ton of emails asking if its possible to see the interior (more) of the book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” before buying it….understandably so….

Disclaimer- this is NOT one of my “Tiny Yellow House” youtube videos/shows….I’ll explain below…

If you’re looking to save yourself time- FAST FORWARD until the 2:14 mark in the video….

By the way, the book is a 100% independent, hand assembled, limited run, so if you want a copy, act now, as they’re certainly moving fast from the NPR exposure. I’ll sign ’em all too- if you’d like, but that could very well lessen the book’s value!

 So, here you go- this video stinks- its me in my basement, with a handheld flip camera, bad-lighting, and I look like I pulled an all-nighter, but after you duke it out through my 1 minute intro of blathering- you’ll get to see a good 100 or so pages of book, as I flip through it and yack some more…

As for the other NPR-interview related info- check the recent blog below this entry…. and some real cool stained glass dome house pictures coming soon!

AND check out my REAL episodes of “Tiny Yellow House” here…


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Do you ever insulate your tiny houses?

Comment by togeika

working on doing so soon….as most of them would insulate easily….
-Deek 🙂

Comment by relaxshax

Where can I find more information about the heater? I am currently building a “Gypsy Wagon” from an old trailer and have been racking my brain on how to heat it. The veggie oil heater seams perfect.


Comment by Doug Keener

Hey doug- plans/drawing/diagram is in the new version of my book now….

Comment by relaxshax

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