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Tiny House Building Workshop #3 OFFICIALLY announced/details….
July 31, 2012, 9:50 pm
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Want to build a tiny, tiny house and hang with many like-minded, tiny-obsessed people? Read on….read on…..

Our new and updated poster- WITH NEW ADDED SPEAKERS/GUESTS!!!!

-BUILD a tiny guest house as a group
-TOUR tiny houses and view many examples of recycled-material construction
-HEAR from many guest speakers, and tiny house dwellers
-SEE several building-related demos
-SMELL freshly cut lumber….ok, ok, I just tossed that one in their for the heck of it….

and click HERE to see MANY photos from our most recent workshop over on

A nearby tiny house- We’ll also give you directions to many nearby tiny sights to see while you’re in the area….

   YES, we’re having a THIRD “Tiny House/Building Workshop”, this time in Massachusetts, 10 miles outside Boston- with possible camping options available, AND your chance to stay in a few of my own micro cabins and shelters- ones that have been featured in the NY Times, Boston Globe, PBS, Apartment Therapy, The UK Daily News, Seattle Times, and beyond….. NOV 2nd to the 4th. Fri-Sat- about 25+ total hours of classroom, touring, networking, and building time. -Yes, we’ll have coffee on hand! -A pizza party, MANY guest speakers, and more- its all explained below… Rain or Shine….

 Just Added (above)- aside from the building project, and the speakers, we’ll be visiting the FIRST BUILT TUMBLEWEED TINY HOUSE in Boston- the initial prototype that Jay Shafer built and lived in. You’re bound to get tons of design and space efficiency ideas from this trip! 

FRI- 3pm Start (check in and meet and greet, tours, hand-outs, campfire discussion, and set-up for those camping, some preliminary building too (the base of our structure)). To those arriving later, we’ll re-tour/retalk about several things with you in day 2 to catch you up.

SAT- 9am to 6pm- more speakers and demos with group building project underway (under work lights, as it gets later, if need be)- with meal break in between. Comet Camper/Mobile Off-Grid Dwelling Tour. Campfire at night.

SUN- 9 am Start- Speakers, The Whittled Down Caravan Tour (a guest structure we’ll have on the premises), and Building continues….We wrap at 4/5pm and head into Boston to visit the first Tumbleweed Tiny House. 


We’ll have the FULL and final roster of speakers soon, but it looks like its going to be….Fri afternoon/evening to Sunday Evening- with MANY guest speakers- AND a collective tiny house building project that I’ll post about soon!- one which I’d also like to film for my show “Tiny Yellow House” on youtube.
November 2-4 are the dates….

From July’s “Tiny House Summer Camp”- one of two buildings we designed and worked on- a tiny house dubbed “THE ROCKHILL”

We’re limiting this workshop to about 20 attendees, and no more…to keep it intimate, fun, and so as to give people more hands-on time. 

We’ll also see/tour FOUR OR FIVE MINI CABINS on MY WORKSHOP LOT….see my salvage yard (with much talk/instruction on the subject of free-materials building), and more….

“The GottaGiddaWay” micro cabin/sleeper- which might be on hand for a guest to stay in….

One of our speaking topics, “How to save thousands of dollars, while building your own tiny home” will have a ton of ideas that will make this workshop pay for itself….from alternate materials usage, to free-cycled, and repurposed goods….

Shot from a recent “No Cash, Stained Glass”- FREE WINDOW making video Deek hosted

 So far, it looks like our GUEST SPEAKERS are (with more to come)

SAGE RADACHOWSKY– a gypsy wagon dweller and builder….his “Sage’s Gypsy Wagon Tour” video that we filmed has been a hit and garnered over a QUARTER OF A MILLION VIEWS now (see his video below)…

CHRISTOPHER SMITH AND MERETE MUELLER of “Tiny: The Movie”– they recently built a tiny house on wheels and filmed the whole process for an upcoming documentary.

TRISTAN CHAMBERS and LIBBY REINISH– of, who should be bringing their home built WHITTLED DOWN CARAVAN, which they traveled across the entire US in! You’ll love these two!

MARIAH COZ– and her renovated off-grid home on wheels- The Comet Camper-

DUSTIN “Dr. Demolition” DIEDRICKSEN– a small house dweller, builder, and regular on “Tiny Yellow House” TV- Dustin is also an environmental engineer, and has assisted with the building of many tiny structures and shelters in the past. He was recently featured on’s homepage.

L.A. Davis from MGNSOLAR– Florida-based micro-solar company head…

Campfire Discussions at night…Byob, Byog too (guitars)…. ALL AGES WELCOME (no byob for those too young though, obviously).

AND MORE to be announced! We’ll have a group pizza hang on friday night too. 

Group building at our recent “Tiny House Summer Camp”

kidcedar at gmail dot com if you might be interested….don’t wait too long! 
This three day, two night workshop will be $399.00- early bird (before October 1st)
Email me for payment details…. 

Add to Cart
 Sage’s Gypsy Wagon Tour Video…

This registration fee will help to cover materials, snacks, coffee, a heck of alot of pizza, a materials runner and hired assistant, speakers and their travel costs in some cases, location rental (one other lot we might use), extra needed tools, workbooks, and all other related set-up materials we need to have on hand- from tarps to paper towels and everything in between- it all adds up real fast.

 -Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Note: The Jay Shafer Original House, if sold, won’t be in Boston anymore, which isn’t likely to happen, in the case of that happening, we’ll add a new demonstration, or perhaps a trip to check out some other tiny house in the area… I said, not likely, but just in case…


A Very Modest Cottage- A tale of Saving and MOVING a tiny house
July 30, 2012, 10:52 pm
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      I’ve been meaning to post on “A Very Modest Cottage” for awhile, a book I picked up a ways back. As some of you might know, I’m a fan of both coffee-table style pictoral books, AND more text laden offerings, and this book certainly falls into the former category. Books like these can be very inspiring, fun, and informational, even if only in a photographic and visual way, and this book is most of those things. Tereasa Surratt is almost the female “me”, the more I look through this book- just one hell a better dresser (she’s flea marketing and scrounging in outfits nicer than what I would wear to church!)- she digs recycled goods, yard sales, isn’t afraid to get dirty (despite some of the pristine and poised photos), and well, LOVES tiny houses. She’s even written a flea-marketing book- which I’ve also linked below (another one with some great photos- whoever is taking the pics (her, I assume) has a good eye for detail, light, and thinking beyond the box).

     While this book is about ONE single tiny house, and its history in the line of roadside rental cottages from the days of old, its LOADED with some very cool imagery- most of which lend to the tale of an old tiny cabin being saved, hauled across two states, and untimately relocated and rennovated. The end product is pretty damn gorgeous, and all in all, its a very fun, and non-brain-busting book to flip through time and time again.

You can find out more about her and her work at, which I hear, is now being rented out….

A sheep wagon/caravan home in a field- Tiny House Eye Candy
July 29, 2012, 8:54 am
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 No words are really needed here- its just another really cool micro-dwelling for you and I to gawk at. I just LOVE the rustic look of this one, and would LOVE to build something just like this one of these days. I can’t remember where I found this one, but if you’re looking for other great places to stare and drool at tiny houses, cabins, shelters, and travel trailers….other than here…. is a pretty great place to start…..
Also, take a look at the work from Bill Rockhill of
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

A tiny cottage/rental house in Helsinki, Finland
July 28, 2012, 4:56 pm
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What the Helsinki? Love this one, and while its billed as a “hobbit hut” rental, and well, just isn’t one at all, this is still such a cool little cottage dwelling, located yes, in Helsinki, Finland- a place I’d LOVE to visit someday.
     Here are a few simple photos to show you the exterior, interior, and to perhaps give you design, build, and color scheme ideas, as any eye candy photo posts might.

What I like about this one?
-The lanterns/candles….they’re keeping it simple, its a link from camping to tiny housing
-The few and far between bold furniture items- they haven’t overdone it, but have still managed to make the place look fun and colorful, without looking chaotic and over-the-top gaudy.
-The high-wall storage shelves- a great use of otherwise wasted and unused space- its an above-the-eye storage zone too, so its not as outwardly noticed on first glance and doesn’t clutter the view as larger lower shelves might (which also take up floor space).
-The subtle and relaxing one-tone walls….almost anything goes with that natural/tan-ish hue.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Mariah Coz’s Comet Camper/Caravan at "TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP" in VERMONT
July 27, 2012, 4:56 pm
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I’ll be posting some more photos here and there of scenes from our “Tiny House Summer Camp”– and here are a few shots of Mariah Coz and her “Comet Camper”, which was part of the tours on our grounds up in Vermont. Basically, Mariah acquired this Avalon classic camper for very little money, and it gutting it to make it her own, AND to take it around the country, eventually, as a traveling classroom for sustainable and off-grid living. You can check out from her at

Again- our next Tiny House/Building Workshop will be Nov 2-3 right outside Boston, MA– a 2-3 affair with speakers, campfire discussions, and a collaborative building project. kidcedar at gmail dot com if you’re interested- we’ll have the FULL roster and all details out soon- the price, and so forth….

Mariah and the Comet Camper will be there….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

PS- scroll down to see a BEFORE shot of her camper- WOW! ALSO NOTE: Her camper renovation is far from done, these are all in-the-works photos….

Mariah’s micro composting toilet with a urine diverter
Hiking through the trails of Tiny House Summer Camp towards Mariah’s Camper on day 4


Here’s a few books to check out on RV and Camper Living…..

SIX FREE PLAN SETS for Tiny Houses/Cabins/Shedworking Offices…
July 26, 2012, 8:46 am
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FIRST, want to be part of our THIRD “ Tiny House/Building Workshop” outside Boston, MA?- well, we’ll have more details, a full guest speaker roster, and more soon- email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com if you are interested, WHILE WE HAVE SPACE LEFT! We will limit this to 15-20 people to keep it intimate. There will be a group building project too, and you’ll get to see about 4-5 of my mini cabins, designs, and more. Nov 2-3 is when it will take place, with a possible third day…. We already have some REALLY COOL guests lined up- you’ll see….

In Vermont at “Tiny House Summer Camp” Photo by Jon Kalish-

Here’s a lil’ list of FOUR free sets of tiny house, cabin, and/or shed plans- ones that I feel are pretty decent- well, ESPECIALLY considering the price! If anyone has any other links to free plans, let me know, or comment below, as I’d like to start a running archive of free plans (something I’d like to offer and develop down the road myself). That said, check some of these out….

1. Lester Walker’s “Living Cube”– This cabin, one of my favorite’s since I was a kid, is also pretty fully hashed out in Walker’s book “Tiny, Tiny Houses”- a book you’ve probably seen and heard me post/talk about many times- it was THE BOOK that got me addicted to tiny housing, when I received it for my tenth birthday. I linked it, and a few other very noteworthy tiny books here….


Lester’s Plans from a 1972 Magazine (Popular Science)-

2. POPULAR SCIENCE DOME HOME– I just LOVE the old art, and layout of the Popular Science, Family Handyman, and Family Circle plan sets of old. This one is a great example, and while I’m not overly enamored with dome homes myself, there’s no denying that this is a cool little idea for a home, and that domes still do have their followers and fans. This one buds for you!

3. Michael Janzen’s Free Pre-fabbin’ Cabin (We also have a link to some other REALLY cool cabin plan sets from Michael down in the lower RIGHT HAND column of this blog). Here’s a really cool free set though…easy to build, and good lookin’.

4. Jamaica Cottage Shop’s Free Shed Plans– EASILY convertible into a tiny vacation cabin/cottage or even a cool shed office or fort! I LOVE some of the designs from Vermont’s “Jamaica Cottage Shop”- one of my favorite’s being “The Writer’s Haven”- so be sure to check out the rest of their offerings! You have to join their mailing list to get the plans, but the stuff that occasionally comes across in their email offerings is all really cool tiny house and shed related material. At least check out some of their models at

Above: The Writer’s Retreat- its not the one you get free plans for, but I believe the sell plans for this VERY VERY affordable. Its one of my all-time favorite tiny cabins.


5. Michael Janzen’s TINY FREE PALLET HOUSE– pretty self explanatory….Pallets are EVERYWHERE, so why not put them to use? 


6. EDGAR BLAZONA’S MD-100 Modular Shelter– We’ve posted it here before, but here is a link to the very thorough plans from Mr. Blazona- a really modern, simple, and fun cabin, that can be built for approximately $2000 or so by today’s prices. This plan set originally debuted through Readymade Magazine.

Again, if you know of more FREE plans for cabins, sheds, of tiny houses, post them in the comments section below and I’ll eventually archive them in a running list for all to see/enjoy.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Amazing treehouse art from Derek Muscat of Theocy Design
July 25, 2012, 8:05 am
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Check,out this guy! and thanks to Joseph Ebsworth of (A cool cabin blog on backwoods/tiny house building) for turning me in his direction.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen