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Those coming from NPR- Welcome…Lots going on…Tiny Houses, TV shows, and Van Halen- oh my!
June 26, 2010, 8:01 am
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Above: A recent “Tiny Yellow House” TV shoot on a Vermont Cabin built by myself and Dustin Diedricksen (my brother). We’re still in need of a few small advertisers to help us back/fund the editing and completion of this show….scroll down for more info on that, and for an interior shot of the cabin….

AND….Here’s a recap of recent happenings, for those just joining us- and MEGA-thanks to Jon Kalish from NPR for the interview/feature! Airs Sunday morning….June 27th

First off, for those who’d be kind enough to support a 100% independent artist/author, my book “Humble Homes…” can be ordered from the lefthand column… $18.95 (free shipping)

My kid’s book “Williker Wumbly”- more so a tongue-twisting, physical challenge is also available (and in its 2nd small printing now)…$8.95 (free shipping).

My new tune “Anklelock”- featuring the vocals of Gary Cherone of Extreme/Van Halen fame, is now up for download, if bored… $0.99 It was written by myself and Bill Bracken (both of us from The tune can be heard/found/downloaded here- again 100% indie!

AND…before I bore you to death, and then we’ll get back to tiny housing and my other in-the-works building projects in subsequent entries….

Photos by Bruce Bettis- Here's an interior shot from an upcoming D.I.Y. VT Cabin episode of "Tiny Yellow House" TV (advertisers needed...)

   Tiny Yellow House TV (which I host, direct, produce) is in need of a few small sponsors/advertisers. You’ll reach tens of thousands of people in return- and your logo/ad will be up forever (IN THE SHOW!)…unlike dead-after-one-month print ads. Companies, anonymous backers, individual backers, etc- all are welcome for inclusion in these upcoming episodes…cheap! Episodes are filmed on a Sony HD red camera….state of the art! Here’s a few of the shows we’re working on right now…

      -Inteview Show with Jay Shafer of The Tiny Tumbleweed House Company…

     -A feature on the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, and my Vermont cabin (plus an underground house in Coventry, VT)

    -A solar cooking feature testing a few ovens bought from and a home-rig I built….

   -And one smaller budgeted show based on a unique, old, marsh-locked cottage in Connecticut (being filmed VERY soon!)

   you can email me at for ad-package inquiries….some starting as low as $150.00 for your company.




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You are utterly and completely awesome!!!!!! 😀

Comment by laura stieber


Comment by relaxshax

Very interesting stuff! Perhaps we’ll see a move towards more eclectic and unique smaller homes from the current trend of over sized cookie cutters that currently dominate the new home construction market.

Comment by James

Whens the video about your “big” cabin come out? I really want a tour of it.

Comment by Solar Burrito

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