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It ain’t Tiny Houses- but there WILL be a tie-in…
June 8, 2010, 10:04 am
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Tiny House Charity Download Tune….more info soon….

Gary Cherone (center) with ANKLELOCK and Tim Lowman (also Jim Foster (producer) on the L). THIS Blog author is on the R

OUT NOW! A tune myself, and my guitarist Bill Bracken wrote and recorded with none other than Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen, Tribe Of Judah) on vocals! Extreme had the NUMBER ONE album on the PLANET in the 90s, and Gary later went on to front VH (for Van Halen III), one of the biggest. most successful bands worldwide.

Check out snippets of the tune (or support us and download it here:

The tune is now up on, itunes,, rhapsody, napster, yahoo music, and many more (worldwide- and available for download in several languages/formats).

AND at some point real SOON- for a length of 2 months or so, we’ll begin donating a portion of the proceeds from the song’s downloads to Habitat for Humanity, and to The Arbor Day Foundation. Without “Habitat” many wouldn’t have any tiny homes of their own, and without The Arbor Day Foundation to protect our trees and natural resources, well, ALL of us might not have HOMES/lumber at all.

I’ll give you details on it, when we launch things- soon.