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“Boxy” Lady- I’m comin’ ta’ BUILD ya….
June 9, 2010, 10:24 am
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Er….sorry about the bizarre post title….blame it on the coffee….

Anywho…cool email/shots I just received from Nathan Ross of Utah…(a follow-up after he had sent me some photos of a cool clay oven he constructed).

Hey Deek,  

     I also wanted to tell you about my trailer/home I’m building. I’m really into self sufficiency and am building my portable home based on it. It’ll have solar panels, wood burning stove, etc. It’s basically just a highly insulated 8′ x 26′ wooden box at this point but when done will look like an old world wooden cottage. I wanted to build something that was made to live in and roomy feeling, super insulated (R20), and uber highscale with hand scraped wood floors, real plaster old world style walls inside, real stone countertops, etc. When finished, It’ll weigh about 8000 lbs and will be pulled with my dodge diesel truck. I’m a tile contractor by trade but can build anything, weld, and so on. I love fabricating and engineering stuff. Anyway, the cool thing is that I am living in it as I build it. It has a bed and a temporary makeshift kitchen and shower right now until I get the proper ones done. So far I’m into the whole thing about $2000. I have figured out a lot of ways to save money and finished it will cost me less than $4000 but be worth $30K+ I think. Here are some pics of where I’m at with it. It’s not much to look at yet and is just a basic box structure. I have a LOT of work to do still, and need to cut in 3 more windows but once the finishing work begins it will transform into an old world masterpiece (or so I hope). Nate

I look forward to hearing/seeing more from Nate, and wish him the best!