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A Secret Door in A Small Seattle House!
While sifting through, oh, a few hundred photos I hadn’t posted yet, I now have the urge to incorporate a hidden passageway into the cabin we’re all collectively building in North Carolina at our 3-day Tiny House Workshop- seriously, we just may have to do it! The workshop is April 26th-28th….CLICK HERE for more info….

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE secret passageways. Perhaps it was infused in me from movies like “The Goonies” when I was a kid, or the TV show “Webster” (if anyone remembers that), but I just can’t resist clicking on links, videos, articles, and tours of homes with secret passages…..

SO…..I was thrilled to come across one face to face while filming episode of my show “Tiny Yellow House” out in Seattle earlier this year (with Christopher Smith, one of the two (with Merete Mueller) behind the much anticipated “Tiny: The Movie“).
     You might have seen my video tour of Hal Colombo’s 68 square foot tiny guest house (complete with a mechanical, garage-door murphy bed!) this past summer, but Hal’s main house itself was actually twice as wild! Sadly, we didn’t have time to film it, but I hope to return at some point- it was just TOO good of a time. The old video is below- and check out this secret Scooby-Doo-like bathroom door. This bookcase is SOLID, and hung on massive hinges, yet it swings with ease!

The big ole hinges are the giveaway, but its really well designed, and the door gives way to an under-the-staircase bathroom.

Hal’s home, overall, is about 600 or so square feet, from what I remember him telling me. As for the guest house, YES,  you can rent it by the night- over on Hal also plays in a really cool surf/garage rock band called “The Vacant Stairs”.

Funky Junk! I love it! You could spend a few hours in his living room looking around and never unearth, or ask about, all that you wanted to know and see. 
Filming the show, at like 6am (after that hellish flight), BEFORE heading off to speak at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop.


-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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Deek, I was saw you and your brother at the 1st Tiny Home Fair at Yestermorrow in June. You are a gifted speaker,designer,and hysterically funny. Your designs are so imaginative (was the Cub the prototype/original design that
your brought to the Fair?)You and your brother compliment
each other beautifully(or is that complement?) 🙂
The way you are able to find material for your projects is genius. The whimsey your bring to your structures adds so much. Humor and whimsey….. powerful and so often lacking in our lives.
Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.I, for one, greatly appreciate them.
Elizabeth Ball (a Senior Citizen who is young at heart)

PS: I love your book Humble Homes
PPS: Who FORTed!!!!! Priceless 🙂

Comment by Elizabeth Ball

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