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Those coming from NPR- Welcome…Lots going on…Tiny Houses, TV shows, and Van Halen- oh my!
June 26, 2010, 8:01 am
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Above: A recent “Tiny Yellow House” TV shoot on a Vermont Cabin built by myself and Dustin Diedricksen (my brother). We’re still in need of a few small advertisers to help us back/fund the editing and completion of this show….scroll down for more info on that, and for an interior shot of the cabin….

AND….Here’s a recap of recent happenings, for those just joining us- and MEGA-thanks to Jon Kalish from NPR for the interview/feature! Airs Sunday morning….June 27th

First off, for those who’d be kind enough to support a 100% independent artist/author, my book “Humble Homes…” can be ordered from the lefthand column… $18.95 (free shipping)

My kid’s book “Williker Wumbly”- more so a tongue-twisting, physical challenge is also available (and in its 2nd small printing now)…$8.95 (free shipping).

My new tune “Anklelock”- featuring the vocals of Gary Cherone of Extreme/Van Halen fame, is now up for download, if bored… $0.99 It was written by myself and Bill Bracken (both of us from The tune can be heard/found/downloaded here- again 100% indie!

AND…before I bore you to death, and then we’ll get back to tiny housing and my other in-the-works building projects in subsequent entries….

Photos by Bruce Bettis- Here's an interior shot from an upcoming D.I.Y. VT Cabin episode of "Tiny Yellow House" TV (advertisers needed...)

   Tiny Yellow House TV (which I host, direct, produce) is in need of a few small sponsors/advertisers. You’ll reach tens of thousands of people in return- and your logo/ad will be up forever (IN THE SHOW!)…unlike dead-after-one-month print ads. Companies, anonymous backers, individual backers, etc- all are welcome for inclusion in these upcoming episodes…cheap! Episodes are filmed on a Sony HD red camera….state of the art! Here’s a few of the shows we’re working on right now…

      -Inteview Show with Jay Shafer of The Tiny Tumbleweed House Company…

     -A feature on the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, and my Vermont cabin (plus an underground house in Coventry, VT)

    -A solar cooking feature testing a few ovens bought from and a home-rig I built….

   -And one smaller budgeted show based on a unique, old, marsh-locked cottage in Connecticut (being filmed VERY soon!)

   you can email me at for ad-package inquiries….some starting as low as $150.00 for your company.