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Vagabond Shack by Mike Brodie AND teardrop, plywood trailer…
June 18, 2010, 10:28 am
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A plywood, home-built teardrop trailer....a mini bicycle-towed version just could work! (from Alex Pino's

First off- I’m movin’ into the current century, as I now accept credit cards on my books (click to the left)- AND My Williker Wumbly self-pressed kids book surprisingly has almost sold out– just a few left (to anyone interested). The book is part tongue-twisting/physical challenge, and part kid’s tale of an escape Watermelon…

As for this other shot below- Hillary from posted on this ultra-cool vagabond salvage-shack/shed recently, but I found it so cool, that I had to toss it up here as well! It was built by artist Mike Brodie.