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An underground house/fort/shelter from yesteryears
October 31, 2010, 8:45 am
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Just HAD to post this….circa the 40s? It looks, art-wise, like it came straight out of and old version of The Boy Scout Handbook….Its a plywood, affordably-built, underground bunker/fort/shelter. Its somewhat of a “tiny houses meets MOLE life” kinda thing…GREAT for pale, easily sunburned folks, such as myself (the movie “The Time Machine” (orig. version/H.G. Wells tale) and its underground tribe comes to mind.

Also- I’ll blog officially/more on them soon, but if you haven’t yet (and I feel its a great idea) check out– a realty-site, of sorts, for small, mobile (unanchored) dwellings….

My cabin (more to come) is listed, for sale, on their site right now…


A Really cool Woods Hole, MA houseboat/floating home…
October 29, 2010, 6:22 pm
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I took this picture over two years ago- and have many more from the Woods Hole, MA area- and from my trip to Nantucket the same weekend. I’ll eventually dig them all out.

Here’s one of the cooler looking houseboats I saw though….its almost TOO fancy, and pretty large, but real nice looking nevertheless…

A mini-vid of me at Walden Woods/Pond- at Henry David (H.D.) Thoreau’s tiny house/cabin
October 28, 2010, 5:28 pm
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Concord, MA. If you’ve never been to Walden Pond, its a beautiful place- to which this little video really does no service (as we never get to the pond and its woods/trails itself (this time)). Regardless, I couldn’t resist the chance to revisit Thoreau’s remade/model cabin once again, on my way to a movie shoot (“Slew Hampshire”), and figured I’d nab some footage with the 15-20 minutes I had there….

Yes, there are other Walden Woods videos out there, but for whatever reason, not as many as I thought there would be, and most of them have extremely small numbers of views on youtube-  so, I’m hoping this helps to further get the word of conservation out about this unique, and historical locale.


Jaye Bayfield’s ultra-green “housing” ideas…
October 28, 2010, 8:21 am
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Hi Deek,

I’ve been enjoying your blog and those hilarious Tiny Yellow House episodes and videos (impressive Yoda by the way). You are a very talented guy…and a bit crazy, but in the best sense of the word!

 I spotted this structure while hiking a preserve in central Connecticut and thought it might be a fun addition to your “Humble Homes…”book/blog collection. This “twig teepee” got me thinking about short-term shelters–ones that are biodegradable, seasonal, literally green or that can be easily disassembled and hauled off. (Editors note: Or used a party bonfires afterwards! I actually have a sketch of one of these in an upcoming MINI-book I’m very close to being done with. Its a comedy/novelty gift book/card-style book, with a kid’s fort and adult double-entendre twist (sure to alienate anyone who has taken me even half seriously up until this point!)

Some ideas and very abbreviated how-tos:


Weave cord around the ends of three branches or poles. Lift the middle branch up and around to tighten the rope collar, then splay the ends of the branches to form a tripod. Add more branches and secure with cord. Fill in the structure with smaller branches, bark, or other natural objects. Hang door beads for a ‘70s vibe.

2. “GREEN” BEAN TENT (best with sketch)

Create an A-shaped tent by crossing the tops of several pairs of bamboo poles or branches and tying them to a ridgepole (ridge beam). Use stakes and twine to secure the frame to the ground or pound the poles into the ground beforehand. Leaving one end of the frame open for a doorway, wrap twine horizontally around the bottom of the frame and between and parallel to the poles. Plant pole bean or scarlet runner bean seeds along the sides and back of the tent to create an edible, green canopy. (Deek: I really do like this idea- and sketched a similar one for Book #2 -it would be far from rainproof, but would make for a nice sitting/shady/reading spot in a garden.)


To grow a Mother Nature-friendly fort, plant three staggered rows of sunflower (or corn) seeds in the outline of a rectangle or circle, leaving space for a doorway. To create a labyrinth leading to a secret room, plant the seeds in a spiral pattern.


Construct a removable pergola/room by bolting four 4X4 legs to four 1X4 (or 2X4) upper crosspieces. Rather than sinking the posts into the ground, center them in large terracotta or wooden flowerpots and fill the pots with gravel. Create the roof and walls from fabric, tarps, lattice, bamboo poles, branches, or a combination of materials; just be sure the coverings can be easily removed when it’s time to disassemble the frame.

(Deek: 5 gallon buckets, size and volume wise (not to mention cost) would probably be best (although ugly, unless painted).

Forts? Kids play structures? hideouts? Shed/Shelters for lumber or tools?


Again, thanks Jaye- and thanks to all the others (keep ’em coming) who have submitted their own TINY HOUSE/SHELTER/SHEDWORKING photos for possible inclusion in my new book through The Lyons Press.

Manhattan Treehouse survives legal battle….
October 27, 2010, 9:17 am
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This has been all over as of recent, and I haven’t checked any other tiny house sites on it yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are reporting on the same thing, or soon will. Regardless, its an interesting story and a great looking treehouse. To read the full legal tale:

However, I’m always a little bummed out to find that treehouse owners hired others to entirely build a structure for them (and usually with some huge pricetag), but at the very least I still have to keep in mind that these people STILL are appreciators of treehousings/treeforts.

Check out some of these cool shots from the AP:


The “MAN TOWN” Shipping Container Tiny House/Workshop/Store
October 25, 2010, 7:37 pm
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FIRST, thanks to Shelton Davis of for this post (and another to come, it seems). Him and I just might be collaborating on something pretty wild in the not too distant future- Ah, the power of the internet….he’s based in Atlanta, and I’m just outside Boston, MA.

AND…BLAMO!- Here’s a new on-the-road lo-fi tiny housing video for ya- its a tractor trailer/container store (it COULD easily be made into a home) with a woodstove within, and a design so simple, its surprising that you’re not seeing more of these (or “fancier” versions- obviously) being utilized…

I’m a huge fan of tiny container/shipping container homes and hope to construct one at some point. Most used 20 foot containers in this area of New England run for $2400 or so…. so that’s holding me back a little, unless I can find anyone who wants to work on trade for one of my cabins or ad space in upcoming REAL episodes of the show….


Tiny House/Home Downsizing (I got rid of my toothpaste!)
October 25, 2010, 11:29 am
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UPDATE for the movie my micro-cabin “THE BOXY LADY” will appear in…. (here’s the BOXY LADY/Make Magazine Episode if you have no idea what I’m talking about… its gotten over 18,000 views in 5 weeks or so now, which is great!

Some in-the-works make-up behind the scenes on the "Slew Hampshire" Shoot (courtesy of Maggot Films SFX from Pittsburgh, PA)

TINY HOUSES GO “HORROR”! Anyone got any Aquafresh? I got 90 min. of sleep last night, after 6 hours of round trip solo driving, after 12+ hours of filming (covered in blood n’ gore (GALLONS of it!)- AFTER assembling and hauling a micro-cabin of mine to NH to also appear in the film “Slew Hampshire”. I was VERY impressed by the crew and their set-up, equipment, etc- it should be very cool and unique slasher(kinda) flick!  Here’s a shot of one of my make-up tests (not fully done/complete) for my roll as Halfdan (a viking-like character).

ALSO- I did some lo-fi tiny house/cabin/home shooting on the way to the set (to be posted SOON)- including a quick tour of Walden Woods on video and Henry David Thoreau’s Cabin, and a Conex/Storage Container house/store I stumbled across in the absolute middle of nowhere on the ride up…..some REAL nice country n’ towns up near the mid-MA and NH border.

I’ll post those REAL soon….

Day shot of "The Boxy Lady" Cabin (all scenes with it will be shot at night on this NH Farm)