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These tiny houses/inn rooms are just "Too Cool"…..
September 30, 2011, 8:28 pm
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….and a little too transparent too, but hey, ya’ can’t win ’em all!
     Thanks to Johnny Lloyd Rollins for sharing this one on our facebook tiny housing group (you can join through the icon/link in the righthand column). These, obviously in cold climates in particular, would make for some great high-end, and modern, micro houses or vacation camps/homes.

Want to watch the Northern Lights in Finland from a heater/insulated igloo?? (Well, start saving, I’d imagine!)

These glowing, glorious igloos are the centerpiece of Kakslauttanen, Finland’s Igloo Village. They do everything to keep you warm and pampered while offering a breathtaking view of the Northern sky. Each igloo is equipped with thermal glass, which keeps the view clear even in sub-zero temperatures. (from )

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Even the Mayor of Waterville. ME digs "The Tiny Life"- A China, Maine bunkhouse
September 29, 2011, 2:13 pm
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     Here are a few more exterior shots of the Sennett Bunk/Guest House, which I shot while on vacation in China, Maine- right outside Waterville- where Dana Sennett is currently the Mayor. Its a great little cabin, with bunk beds and a closet within (a closet that could easily be made into a small bathroom). We’ll eventually show you the interior once we get a few more photos from the Sennetts, as this will be an episode of “Tiny Yellow House” at some point (we actually shot it last year). This little cabin/house originally was a mere wood shed, and later converted into what you see today. The smaller “shed” also shown, is the old Sennett ice fishing shack- now parked on their narrow lot for storage. I believe the cabin is approx. 8′ deep, but 12′ long or so. The front window is a fake mirrored shelf for plants.

Cold beer, seating, grilling, cooling (fan), storage, and rain protection- all in one little area/deck.

     Dana is also a master recycler, bargain hunter, and clever/thrifty guy- with some very decent insight/knowledge in green energy and practice- some of which he might attempt to bring to the city of Waterville, ME- which has a gorgeous, old fashioned downtown, great restaurants, and even an independent bookstore or two! I do recommend a visit- there’s lots to discover in that area.

The Sennett Camp (the main house- also very small (not shown)) will be in the photo insert collection/section of my book (the new edition- below). And again, at somepoint, we’ll finish up the editing of the episode based around this tiny Maine camp and guest house. (all photos by me, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen).

Boom! A FREE tiny housing seminar/event at Walden Woods/Pond
September 28, 2011, 10:05 am
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For all you H.D. Thoreau addicts….

If you had asked me just a few years back if I’d ever be asked to not only speak at Walden Woods, but bring out one of my micro cabins/shelters for display, I would have thought you crazy (and would have immediately requested a sip of whatever you had been apparently drinking).

Well….its happening- THREE SPEAKERS- WALDEN WOODS- and its all FREE– so mark them calendars, if you’re within driving distance.

Please pass it on…. CLICK ON FLYER TO ENLARGE IT….

Side notes: John Hanson Mitchell’s book is REALLY good- I recently read it- do find a copy (sadly, its out of print). I’ll also have the last batch of old-version, hand-assembled books on hand as well….and will be hanging out for quite a bit after to just chat with anyone who has questions, ideas, and so on- and to enjoy the park.

ALSO- the very next day- Sun, Oct 16th- I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at Jay Shafer’s Tiny Tumbleweed House Company workshop in NYC- so to any attending, I’ll see you there!