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Look Maw, I done made it! Tiny Houses Cover Article
June 1, 2010, 9:39 am
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A ways back I surprisingly made the COVER(!) of the Stoughton Journal- an article on my book and my designs/cabins. BIG Thanks to Kelly Mello!

Well, I’m back in action now blog-wise, and back at my home/HQ in MA (the one that has electricity) after spending a great weekend in the Northeastern Kingdom of VT at my cabin in the woods. We shot another episode of “Tiny Yellow House” up there that will feature my own cabin, AND which shows a few other log cabins, and even an underground house, in the region. We had a blast filming these, although as always, there’s a TON of things we had to omit for lack of time and light. There’s just TOO many cool homes and sights up in VT. Steve Sherrick of was on board for this shoot as well, so you at least know the episode will LOOK good.

     Professional photo-guru Bruce Bettis of also came up and nabbed some amazing fish-eye lens shots of the cabin and its interior- which I’ll eventually toss up here! Can’t wait to see the results! All in all we had close to 20 people up to visit the cabin site and its progress.

Pics coming soon!