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Homemade B-day card for my son/thank you page of an upcoming book....(how's that for multi-faceted!?)"This art-thank you was ALSO done with Sakura of America's Micron Art Pens"

Thanks to Sakura of America for the pen/art supply sponsorship- their Micron pens write like a friggin’ dream, and have been a huge (time-saving) help with some of my new, upcoming art. You can check out their goods at ) and its an honor to be backed by the same company that is behind the books and artwork of Dan Price. If you haven’t read his small-living/small housing book “Radical Simplicity“- you’re missing out on a fun, inspiring, read!

Also- Got some really cool fort and cabin photos on the way, but meanwhile, I’ve been hard at work (where time allows) on my next book (actually next 3, if you count two other mini-zine-like releases). One will be tentatively titled “Half Man, Half Bird: The World’s Smallest Houses“- which will focus on really bizarre, trash-built, birdhouses and birdfeeders, as well as human designs, AND a few crossovers….

And- NEW episodes of Tiny Yellow House– coming REAL, REAL SOON!!!!! With book reviews in subsequent editions- if anyone’s out there who needs some press-coverage/love.  Believe me, I know how hard it can be to get people to even glance at your book, so I’m trying to give back to other authors by reviewing or featuring their works in later episodes.

And for those who missed “TINY YELLOW HOUSE” Episode #1 on Youtube….


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