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Another cool little NORTHWOOD OUTDOOR Cabin…
August 31, 2010, 3:31 pm
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Didn’t mean to bury my other brand new post/sketch so quickly (below), but here’s another cool little cabin from this WI-based company…

Broke-As-A-Joke “Landscaping” for thrifty/tiny-living/small house folk…
August 31, 2010, 2:45 pm
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As promised in the last post- here are some more details on “The Redneck Walkway” or “The Poor Man’s Sidewalk” that I have leading to my deck/frontdoor in MA. You can click on the sketch to enlarge it.

Sketch by Derek Diedricksen (me)- for a future NEW micro-housing book

ALL the materials were FREE! Better yet, I was paid $15.00 an hour to tear down the deck that provided me with these materials, AND paid to haul away all the “junk” (aka free pressure treated wood (TONS of it) that was only 10 years old)! A good deal of this deck-wood also has since become the base-frame/structure for the addition off my Vermont cabin. “Tiny Yellow House” episode coming SOON.

The design and look isn’t for everyone, but I have received MANY compliments on it from people who have visited my own “Tiny Yellow House”.


August 30, 2010, 10:28 am
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Who needs concrete, when you have free Pressure Treated Lumber?

COMING SOON- my “REDNECK Walkway”- and the tale behind it (thrilling, ain’t it!)….ahem….but first….

“Slew” Hampshire!? What the!? (One of my future-tiny-cabins slated for use in a horror movie?)

Warning, this might scare some of you…(the link)

 A guy I know (out in LA (originally from NH) is taking a “stab” at yet another feature film (having had GREAT success with his indie film Mutual Admiration Society in 2001). Its a slasher/creature in the woods film titled “Slew Hampshire”. Now, I’m a TOTAL horror-movie geek, and actually had a chance to read the full script, and its looks REALLY promising, not to mention twistedly unique.

    Anyway, as with ALL indie filmmakers (much like indie authors!) the man, Actor/Director Flood Reed, needs your support for the funding of this film, and he’s going about it in a REALLY cool way- where supporters, in turn, get hooked up with memorobilia, props from the film even, and perhaps much more (A speaking roll in the film!), just for helping out (as little as $5.00).

While Flood has reached his bare-minimal goal, with any film, things ALWAYS run overbudget, so he STILL needs support from any horror-fans out there.

A custom micro-cabin of mine just may be making an appearance in the film as well….we’re in talks right now, so it ACTUALLY ties into TINY HOUSING, believe it or not!

The man’s got a pretty intense actor/demo reel as well- if you want to check out his acting, I gotta warn you though, its profanity-laden, and pretty out-there, in parts….he’s a very solid actor though, and is all business, as you’ll see…


The Northwoods Traveler Cabin….Wisconsin Based…
August 29, 2010, 8:23 am
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Just debuting at the Minnesota State Fair….”The Northwoods Traveler” from

Very nice looking, a cozy interior, and apparently it comes with AC, Heat, a Fridge, and more….$14,900.00

This company had quite a few different models available- so check them out.


The Boxy Lady Micro-Cabin (tweaked/w/new roof)
August 28, 2010, 8:42 am
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As all my mini-cabins/micro-cabins are an ongoing work-in-progress…here are a few shots from Scituate, MA where my little mobile shack/kiosk was on display for three weeks. Its now back home, but I’m gearing up for a NYC roadtrip for the Maker Faire- in September.

The Boxy Lady in front of THE FRONT STREET BOOK SHOP in Scituate, MA

For those of you who have seen the youtube video of this cabin on Make Magazine’s channel, you’ll notice that “The Boxy Lady” now has a corrugated roof, and a few other small alterations….

More recently, I’m now redoing the way in which the pneumatic wheels were attached. Luckily, this structure is so lightweight, it was just a matter of flipping the cabin up on its arse-end to do the work (shown).

The simple undercarraige of the structure…


Randomly Diggin’: The Boston based band NEVER GOT CAUGHT (ex-members of TREE, with a Clutch and/or Fu Manchu vibe….

Lloyd Kahn’s New In-The-Works Tiny Housing Book…
August 27, 2010, 8:34 am
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From his Domebooks to Shelter, Homework, and Builders Of The Pacific Coast, the guy’s almost the Don Corleone of Independent Housing (A longhaired Don on a Skateboard), so I was thrilled to see this desktop layout photo Lloyd had on his blog

Upon close inspection I realized “Wait a sec, dead center, semi-obscured…..those are art clips from MY book!’. How cool….

The page half-shown is from a sketch/design in my book that was/is titled “Down At Big Lee’s Swamp”- a glass-sided, small porched, cabin in the woods….loosely named after a Paul-Bunyan of a guy (the “The Backwoods Terminator”, as we call him) who lives up near my VT camp/cabin.

Anyway, now I’m even MORE excited to see the eventual release of this book. I’m sure Lloyd won’t disappoint.

ALSO- MEGA-THANKS to PEG PATTON and THE FRONT STREET BOOK SHOP in SCITUATE, MA for having me over there to speak to readers, drink wine by a downtown campfire, and to be able to give a live demonstration on redneck/salvage constructed windows for sheds, shacks, and cabins…  Good people, good vibe, good questions….and a good view- right by the town’s boat-laden harbor.

I had a blast, thanks to the twenty or so people who came out, and if you’re ever in the South Shore Massachusetts area, her bookstore is just LOADED with charm and character, carries some great micro-architecture books, and she’s a real-deal, incredibly friendly gem to the world of independent literature. May her store have a long, long, run.  We need more of ’em out there like “The Front Street”.


Your “Random-Photo Thursday” -Kinda…
August 26, 2010, 8:20 am
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First, a reminder, ESPECIALLY to independents out there: We’re shooting that book-review episode (with some building stuff/interviews- don’t worry) of “Tiny Yellow House” real soon (Think: Reading Rainbow- Loaded off Pixie Sticks), and we’re looking for a few more submissions to round things out….

Treehouse, Fort, Shack, Cabins, Sheds, Micro-Architecture, Small Living, Sustainability, Weird Art, Downsizing, etc- anything in those related fields…

Lon Levin’s ultra-cool new TREEHOUSE book, amongst others, will be featured- you can check out his work HERE:

As for a few random pix, by which to waste your bosses’ time while on the clock…

3-D painted illusion 2-D!

The above photo got me thinkin’- for all you EXTREME downsizers, who needs furniture AT ALL, if you could PAINT the ILLUSION of actual furniture!? lol.

More uses for mailboxes- courtesy of

A custom envelope to Lloyd Kahn

(Above) Lloyd Kahn recently posted this custom envelope drawing on his blog– and stated he couldn’t quite recall who had created it….Well….yup, twas’ me. Lloyd actually was THE VERY FIRST PERSON to put in an order for my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”. Naturally, his influence playing a part in the book’s existence, I couldn’t charge the man.

And lastly…

A fold-out apartment in a box- this has been floating around the internet for awhile, but I most recently saw it on Ryan Mitchell's blog "The Tiny Life"