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Broke-As-A-Joke “Landscaping” for thrifty/tiny-living/small house folk…
August 31, 2010, 2:45 pm
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As promised in the last post- here are some more details on “The Redneck Walkway” or “The Poor Man’s Sidewalk” that I have leading to my deck/frontdoor in MA. You can click on the sketch to enlarge it.

Sketch by Derek Diedricksen (me)- for a future NEW micro-housing book

ALL the materials were FREE! Better yet, I was paid $15.00 an hour to tear down the deck that provided me with these materials, AND paid to haul away all the “junk” (aka free pressure treated wood (TONS of it) that was only 10 years old)! A good deal of this deck-wood also has since become the base-frame/structure for the addition off my Vermont cabin. “Tiny Yellow House” episode coming SOON.

The design and look isn’t for everyone, but I have received MANY compliments on it from people who have visited my own “Tiny Yellow House”.



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We live in a rural area and the ground is not very porous, so wet feet and muddy shoes for years going up our walk…I put simple boards on the ground for steps. They worked if it hadn’t rained a lot, your support pieces would have helped a lot! We eventually got bricks free from Freecycle and now have a lovely brick walk after over 12 yrs. of wet feet! I like your design much better than mine!

Comment by Sally

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