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August 30, 2010, 10:28 am
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Who needs concrete, when you have free Pressure Treated Lumber?

COMING SOON- my “REDNECK Walkway”- and the tale behind it (thrilling, ain’t it!)….ahem….but first….

“Slew” Hampshire!? What the!? (One of my future-tiny-cabins slated for use in a horror movie?)

Warning, this might scare some of you…(the link)

 A guy I know (out in LA (originally from NH) is taking a “stab” at yet another feature film (having had GREAT success with his indie film Mutual Admiration Society in 2001). Its a slasher/creature in the woods film titled “Slew Hampshire”. Now, I’m a TOTAL horror-movie geek, and actually had a chance to read the full script, and its looks REALLY promising, not to mention twistedly unique.

    Anyway, as with ALL indie filmmakers (much like indie authors!) the man, Actor/Director Flood Reed, needs your support for the funding of this film, and he’s going about it in a REALLY cool way- where supporters, in turn, get hooked up with memorobilia, props from the film even, and perhaps much more (A speaking roll in the film!), just for helping out (as little as $5.00).

While Flood has reached his bare-minimal goal, with any film, things ALWAYS run overbudget, so he STILL needs support from any horror-fans out there.

A custom micro-cabin of mine just may be making an appearance in the film as well….we’re in talks right now, so it ACTUALLY ties into TINY HOUSING, believe it or not!

The man’s got a pretty intense actor/demo reel as well- if you want to check out his acting, I gotta warn you though, its profanity-laden, and pretty out-there, in parts….he’s a very solid actor though, and is all business, as you’ll see…



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