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Cool Cartoon/Comic- and new locales for my book, etc…
June 14, 2010, 3:33 pm
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 My book, real quick (look to the left of this post), has now been picked up by Breakwater Books in CT, Bob’s Quickstop in VT’s Northeast Kingdom (Now I KNOW I’ve “Made It” (its right in the Beef Jerky Aisle), The Sprague/Baltic CT Public Library (Many copies will be there SOON, before my speaking engagement on tiny homes and self publishing on July 29th (Free!), and a few others (in the works)….


This guy does great work, and I particularly liked this one comic, as after seeing a few documentaries on some of the “Big Box” stores, and living in a town whose mom n’ pop stores have been absolutely CRUSHED by Walmart and Target, I try not to shop at those places when I can help it.  Half of my town is now abandoned, boarded-up, storefronts- its really sad- and the only thriving shops in the old center of town are liquor stores, tax preparers, and cash checkers….

Still, I love my little MA town- especially for its people- no bs, real-deal, blue-collar, friendly, folks. Well, most of ’em…