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Repurposed Caboose Homes- A Photo Gallery of Many Tiny Homes (Part One)
January 11, 2011, 10:36 am
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As with a past post on shantyboats (where I couldn’t find much of a gallery on them elsewhere (with the exception of and decided to create my own gallery of photos, the same lack of gallery pictures in a SINGLE place seems to apply with converted caboose homes. This repurposing of trains as small houses/tiny homes is no new practice. I myself became addicted to the idea while reading “Uncle Henry’s” classifieds in Maine, many summer ago where someone was selling a Caboose for $10.000.00. What a COOL vacation cabin, or guest house something like this would make! 

So for starters, here are a few (and some interior shots will be in later blogs to come…)

A caboose-style housboat/shanyboat/floating home


A mega-huge powerpoint presentation of bizarre, unique, and handbuilt tiny homes will also be part of this summers/2011’s’s Hands-On Tiny Shelter Building Workshop in Massachusetts hosted by myself, Dustin “Dr. Demolition” Diedricksen, and others (guest speakers, demonstrators, etc). More details to come- if interested. We’re going to squeeze in INSANE amount of things/projects into one single 12-13 hours day/course. It’ll all be filmed for our “Tiny Yellow House” youtube show as well…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Thanks, these are wonderful…my favorite, the caboose houseboat combo (I just discovered Uncle Henry’s classifieds this summer…wow!)

Comment by MJ

Uncle Henry’s is a great source to find small parcels of cabin land too!

Comment by relaxshax

I love Craigslist, but it will never replace Uncle Henry’s. There is room for both in this world.

Comment by Rod

SWOON. Did you ever read the Boxcar Children books as a kid? Sometimes I think they may be partially responsible for my choice of a home. These are amazing. Wish I could make it to your workshop. Damn Atlantic ocean. (I live in Germany.)

Comment by clickclackgorilla

VERY cool, Deek! I used to want to do that, myself. There’s a caboose on the way to the next town that I’ve been drooling over for decades. 🙂

Comment by Cathy Johnson (Kate)

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