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Where do you NOT need a building permit to build your tiny house or vacation cabin?
January 23, 2011, 9:52 am
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First off, we’ll be posting MORE info our “2011 Tiny House/Shelter Building Workshop” (July 9th) real soon. So far on the educational end, NYC’s Mimi Zeiger (Tiny House Author, and Architect), and Alex Pino of Tinyhousetalk have been confirmed as guest lecturers/demonstrators….and we have more confirmations to announce soon! It’ll be a VERY SMALL and intimate group of merely a dozen or so people- so email me at if you’re interesteed. Here’s the post on what we’ve got going on so far…

A micro dome house...

As for today’s topic- I thought codeless counties might be a good interactive tiny house/cabin builder’s discussion, that could  serve as a running informational forum on the whereabost of locales (US and beyond) and towns that do not require any sort of building codes or permits.

I’m sure there are other lists or resources out there, but there are none I know of (please share, if you know of some).

For starters, many areas of northeastern Vermont do not require any sort of building permit whatsoever… is the case where I built my own cabin.

As I’ve said in one of my yet to air episodes of “Tiny Yellow House” TV, the beauty of these few and far between regions is that if you had a hankerin’ to build a dwelling shaped like Yoda eating a creamsicle- there’s nothing holding you back.

I’ll be adding more sources soon, but here’s a weblink to information on Montana- “Big Sky Country”- and some of its codes (or lack thereof).

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen