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Shelton Davis and from Atlanta, GA
October 21, 2010, 9:15 am
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Photo from Apartment Therapy's website...

Tiny furniture, on a tiny budget, for tiny homes…

     I met Shelton Davis at my “Boxy Lady Cabin” display down at the NYC Make Magazine Maker Faire a few weeks back, and aside from being a clever n’ creative (as well as eco-minded) guy all around, he and I hit it off immediately- and a blabathon soon ensued. He also had some really cool, self-stamped, cereal-box derived, business cards- an idea that I love!

Well, back on track, Shelton is one of the forces behind = a group that sells (and even GIVES AWAY) plans and instructional packets that guide each user towards creating furniture (adirondack chairs) from FREE pallet wood. You can’t go wrong with that!

For years now, being involved with the Boy Scouts in the past (I’m and Eagle Scout), I’ve thought to myself that scout troops should mix education with their fundraising activities. Instead of selling birdseed (which our Troop 491 out of Madison, CT used to do), or gourmet popcorn (as I saw a recent Stoughton, MA troop do), why not show these scouts that trash and pallet wood can be obtained (while cleaning up parks/wooded areas at the same time), configured into nice looking furniture (where the scouts would gain some new skills perhaps), and then SOLD for a fundraising profit. MANY other things can be build from pallet wood, naturally, too- flower boxes, bird feeders, deck tables, etc.

I feel that a packet such as Shelton’s would be the perfect primer for such an idea- and if any other scout or scoutmaster stumbles upon this blog, and tries out this idea- PLEASE contact me. I’m even contemplating working with a local troop to try and pull this off myself- while filming it, so as to spread the word.

Time pending, of course….



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If you have not yet met Ana White, you must. She is the QUEEN of free build it yourself furniture plans. Ana is a carpenter in Alaska, a homemaker, and a CAD wiz.

Take a look at all of her plans, they are all free.

Comment by Ginnee

Will check her out asap- thanks Ginnee! 🙂

Comment by relaxshax

Deek, awesome write up, thanks again man! I owe you a brew!!

Ginnee…the Ana White referral is amazing. I got a chance to check out her stuff and it is all great! It certainly has a different focus than Repurposed Goods, yet it is a fantastic way of getting people involved intheir own personal product consumption if they have access to Lowe’s, Home Depot, or any builder supply store. I will certainly continue to follow her work…thanks again Ginnee!

Comment by Shelton

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