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"The Darrington Cabin" Mock Ups- A Tiny Guest House/Office….
Here’s another stab at the cabin design we might be tinkering with (well, ACTUALLY BUILDING!) at our April 26th-28th Tiny House Building Workshop in Wilmington, NC. THREE DAYS of building, designing, networking, guest speakers, demos, and MORE! CLICK HERE if you might want to sign up….while we still have space. Its limited to 25 people total. The list of guest speakers is GREAT too- with MORE to come!
Steven Harrell of, Kent Griswold of, Alex Pino of, Laura LaVoie of, AND MORE- they’ll all be there as speakers!

I’ve never really messed around with Google Sketch-up before, just because I haven’t had the chance, so with a little block of time today I decided to mess around a bit, with some off-shoot ideas (and there will be many other to come) for a micro-cabin I’ll eventually be building, that I’ve named “The Darrington” (a combination of “Deek” and “Harrington” (a nod to Kevin Harrington of, who has been so helpful with my videos, and blog.

The cabin is 8′ by 12′, and 10′ tall at its highest point, and what you see here is a mere rough draft.

Not shown is the work desk, toilet, ladder (or steps) to the loft, gutters (by the entrance), and support legs for the flip-up wall/canopy (IF we decide to incorporate it into the build at all).

Again, these sketch-ups are pretty darn rough, as, well, I’ve used the program for about a total of 2 hours and that’s it. I DO see how people can get addicted though, and heck, its a free program! No complaints here.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


FIVE tiny houses/off-grid cabins in Vermont- VIDEO TOUR

Here’s another video I pieced together recently, showing FIVE cabins/tiny houses/guest huts (one of them a tree house) that I’ve designed and built up in Northern Vermont. Two of them were built as part of a hands-on workshop I had there over the summer. It was a blast, and I’m sure we’ll have another.

Speaking of which, our next tiny house building workshop, where we’ll all build a tiny guest house TOGETHER, will be April 26th-28th, 2013, in Wilmington, NC- a THREE DAY course, loaded with guest speakers, demos, and more! CLICK HERE FOR INFO.

ALSO, THERE ARE JUST A FEW DAYS LEFT to pick up a signed copy of my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”, get some FREEBIES with it, AND have a ONE in TWENTY chance of winner some other AWESOME TINY HOUSE BOOKS as well! CLICK HERE for that.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

The Orange Owl- A tiny micro guest house/shed/office on wheels
 “The Orange Owl”– also the name of a side-project music act I’ve been messin’ with…
(“From the $0.99 Notebook of Deek D”)- CLICK TO ENLARGE THE SKETCH

Take a tumbleweed, but simpler, and shrink it with a ray gun (yet to be invented, sigh…). Here’s a sketch I was messing around with the other day towards a SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, and QUICK-TO-BUILD design/project for next month’s hands-on “” tiny-house-building workshop (Nov 2-4) in Stoughton, MA. Twp spots left in our intimate group of twenty (kidcedar at gmail dot com). All ages, all skill levels, ALL FUN!
     I have already purchased the trailer so that we as a group can work on a project such as this, but I’m still hashing out WHAT I want it to look like. Also, for the sake of education, it has to incorporate some simple framing, a variety of tool use, a chance to work in some creative and recycled materials, rafter and roof work (two kinds perhaps), spacial contemplation as a group (the layout inside), and more- all while being something we can complete most of in three days. Oh yeah, ALL OF THIS, but while also being lightweight….

The beauty of these group projects- ANYTHING is subject to change, and nothing is set in stone. If workshop attendees have some great ideas to offer up, as they usually do, we just might add ’em into the mix…. AND, we’ll probably film a little of this for the show “Tiny Yellow House” on Make Magazine….

If you haven’t seen the show, here’s a TREEHOUSE episode we did a ways back- one I designed and built….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

More Cheapo Stained Glass Windows for your Tiny House/Shed/Cabin!

Again, I never really go out of my way to look for the stuff, it just happens to cross my path and spark an idea…..or twelve…..or maybe its just the caffeine talkin’?

Aside from building a tiny guest sleeper/cabin on a trailer bed (I just bought one), and messing with MANY alternative construction, and recycled-building ideas at our “Tiny House-Building (Hands-On!) Workshop (3 Days!)” on November 2-4 in Stoughton, MA AND touring many tiny shelters, Jay’s FIRST Tumbleweed Tiny House, The Whittled Down Caravan, Mariah Coz’s “Comet Camper”, and more, we’ll be tweaking a lil’ seasonal guest cabin I once built for The History Channel (see video below), that was dubbed “The All Eights Cabin”. This cabin was also featured in my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”. It was a rushed project- two days to design, pre-build, haul to NY, and assemble- but all things considered, I love the way it came out- yet I feel there are many improvements we can all make together- and ideas on its layout that we can come up with collectively. I’m talking fun, out-there, daring, no-one’s really tried this stuff before, improvements and design approaches. 

One being some new, and funky/colorful/bizarre windows- and do I ever have a collection of stuff that we can pick from! This former stained glass trinket/jewelry tray (at a Boy Scout tag sale for $1.00) is yet another item we might make use of! Wine Bottle windows? Recycled refrigerator glass shelves, vintage window sashes, old school glass punch bowls, slider doors? Yup, we got ’em all….

We have about two or three slots left for this workshop, as we want to keep it capped at twenty or so people so as to make it intimate, SO, if you’re interested, don’t wait too long. kidcedar at gmail dot com


-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen