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"The Darrington Cabin" Mock Ups- A Tiny Guest House/Office….
Here’s another stab at the cabin design we might be tinkering with (well, ACTUALLY BUILDING!) at our April 26th-28th Tiny House Building Workshop in Wilmington, NC. THREE DAYS of building, designing, networking, guest speakers, demos, and MORE! CLICK HERE if you might want to sign up….while we still have space. Its limited to 25 people total. The list of guest speakers is GREAT too- with MORE to come!
Steven Harrell of, Kent Griswold of, Alex Pino of, Laura LaVoie of, AND MORE- they’ll all be there as speakers!

I’ve never really messed around with Google Sketch-up before, just because I haven’t had the chance, so with a little block of time today I decided to mess around a bit, with some off-shoot ideas (and there will be many other to come) for a micro-cabin I’ll eventually be building, that I’ve named “The Darrington” (a combination of “Deek” and “Harrington” (a nod to Kevin Harrington of, who has been so helpful with my videos, and blog.

The cabin is 8′ by 12′, and 10′ tall at its highest point, and what you see here is a mere rough draft.

Not shown is the work desk, toilet, ladder (or steps) to the loft, gutters (by the entrance), and support legs for the flip-up wall/canopy (IF we decide to incorporate it into the build at all).

Again, these sketch-ups are pretty darn rough, as, well, I’ve used the program for about a total of 2 hours and that’s it. I DO see how people can get addicted though, and heck, its a free program! No complaints here.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


The Mod 105 Pre-fab 20 min assembly shed/cabin!
November 23, 2012, 5:37 pm
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 Love this one- tiny, modern, n’ simple. I might personally change out the doors with some other custom built ones for a cabin, or shed office use, but still, this thing is pretty “darn” clever. Hmmm….come to think of it, it’d make a really cool, and easy to install tree house office! Yes, I’ve been obsessed with that genre and built a few of ’em recently. I just like the slick, clean lines of their design., a great site run by Alex Johnson also posted on this just recently too. Apparently, this unit can be assembled in as little as twenty minutes! Check out the cool time lapse video from the Mod 105 company below. You can find more on them at, yup,

Again, I’m a big, big fan of small pre-fabricated dwellings, and if you missed Dustin’s old video on a tour of the 1970’s designed Bolt-Together House, a design by Jeff Milstein, check that one out below too!

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen