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NEW VIDEO (and MORE!)- A Vermont House with a Waterfall UNDER IT!?
HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL! And to those who don’t celebrate it, well, “Happy Day!”, or something to that effect…..

A FEW THINGS in this post…..
First, an outtake/page of a “Tiny Turkey House” that never made the cut for my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”- we just didn’t have the room….maybe next time (alongside dozens of others I haven’t used).


Also, we announced our TINY HOUSE-BUILDING WORKSHOP in WILMINGTON, NC– April 26th-28th- THREE DAYS OF HANDS-ON BUILDING, and MORE– if you want full details- click HERE

That said, here’s both a new mini-video (one shot a year or more back), AND an old one as well…..

A HOUSE WITH A WATERFALL UNDERNEATH IT! No, Its not Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” House…. I have long wanted to do something like this in Vermont (future workshop?) with a tree house build over a stream in the woods- I have the permission, materials, and desire, its TIME I gotta get a grasp on. Maybe in Fall 2013- we’ll see….

And an old one. I like to post old videos with each new one, as with an ever growing/changing readership, many people have missed the old videos from “wayyyy” back……

ABOVE: A tour of the “Seattle Tiny Homes” Tiny House On Wheels that I shot while I was in Seattle with The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company…..

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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How cool would it be to build a house over a river – have a sort of glass walkway down the middle of the house with lights shining on it. Surprised I have never seen that before.

Comment by Nathan

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