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Why I like clear roofing in my tiny shacks/shelters/houses…
October 30, 2012, 2:15 pm
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Well, aside from the natural light, the affordability, its light weight, ease of installation, the look (I love it, some don’t), and the flexibility….this photo pretty much sums it up: THE VIEW, and the filtration of colored light you receive in the fall (my favorite season) is one of the main things I love. The brand I use, since many ask, is “TUFTEX”- the rest that I’ve used, is crap by comparison. Of course, this stuff does have its downside too, its plastic (environmentally), and r-value wise its lousy- although GREAT for solar gain in the winter!

The cabin above is “THE GYPSY JUNKER”, one of the micro cabins thats on the premises for our “Tiny House Building Workshop” in MA this weekend. Its also featured in my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” AND in the video below, which gives you a full tour!


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Thanks for the tour! I'm intrigued by the little vege oil 'heater', how about posting some how-to-make-it instructions? 🙂

I live in Sydney, Australia but we have a little cottage in the south of NZ which we usually visit in the summer. The shed (which I hope to turn into a workshop/sleepout soon) is in need of a new roof, hadn't thought of using clear sheet so thanks for the inspiration.

Comment by Norma

How does it hold up to snow load?

Comment by Snarky357

IT looks fabulous with autumn leaves on it but would be so hot in the summer months….i cant sit under our back patio and it has just 2 sheets on it . you can feel the difference bw that and the tin ….

Comment by Jenxo

Well, yes, it does have a low “R” value, but I figured it out, if you have a very tiny home, it costs little to heat. the heat loss would be much less than in a large home. Also, you could make a rolling insulated screen/blanket for night use if you would like as sleeping in a house at night with a roof like that in the winter might not be so nice.

Comment by ZombieFan

I really like the look of the roof. It helps a make a tiny space feel not so tiny. And it brings the outdoors, indoors. I love it!

Comment by wendyc

Wondering if a double layer with 2-3 inches of space between would create enough of an insulating effect to make a difference. Great “Tiny Shelter”!

Comment by Keith Martin

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