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The "W+W" water-recycling toilet from Roca….
October 22, 2012, 7:42 pm
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Its pretty darn rare for me to get excited at the sight of a toilet photo…..

 This one is not only great looking, but would be perfect for small or tiny houses and those looking to conserve water in general. The W+W (washbasin and water closet) from Roca (Barcelona, Spain), re-uses the water you have washed you hands with, as the water that flushes your toilet. This is THE nicest model, using this approach, that I’ve seen so far. As for the price….I can’t find it listed, meaning…..start saving…….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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It wouldn't be as pretty, but you could do the same thing with a washpan, a bucket and your current commode.

Wish you'd ditch the word verification.

Comment by Gorges Smythe

It was great but I think it was better if it was place in the center not in the side of the room.

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Comment by sofia marielle

hey deek
this w + w is about $6600 and illegal in US due to use of gray water. might check out caroma version, which is a not so pretty, but a hell of a lot cheaper and code compliant.

Comment by David Friedlander

Yeah, its pretty ridiculous that grey water heading to a septic or city sewer is illegal- its not like the gray water comes in contact with the toilet's user….

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

Roca is a great example of a company conscious about the environment. With the water foundation they want to fight against the lack of water in the world


Comment by Miriam

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