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October 11, 2012, 8:24 am
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 Kent Griswold of TinyHouseBlog, has launched the e-magazine “Tiny House Magazine”– and its very fun and professional looking, and a mere taste of what’s to come. It has articles, great resources, and even video content.
You can check out the FREE premier trial issue at this link/and these directions…

 Here is how to input the Coupon Code:

  1. Click on Yellow Subscribe Button
  2. Popup comes up
  3. Click on Current Subscribers
  4. Enter Code THM6

This special offer is only good until October 31, 2012 so go and download it and now before you forget. Click on the following link: and be sure share the link with your friends and family.
 Also, my friend Dee Williams and the Portland Alternative Dwellings (P.A.D.) crew are hosting a workshop coming up in November 10th over in Portland, OR- Dee’s fantastic, and a really fun and talented person, so definitely give it a look. Here’s the link…. (their site is being worked on, if the link doesn’t work at first)

We have one, maybe two slots left at my Boston-area hands-on Tiny House Building Workshop too- Nov 2-4. Its gonna be fun! THREE days of speakers, building, touring, camping, demos, campfire discussions, and more! kidcedar at gmail dot com for more info…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Magazine looks awesome! Too bad it only available to apple loving hippie types.

Comment by AllenKll

lol- I've heard apple users called geeks, tech nerds, and such, but never “hippies”. Anyway, Kent is working on a general pdf version from what I hear….so don't worry, he's on it.

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

AllenKll,yeah…needs to hit the Kindle and possibly print as well,I'd love to read it,even on pdf format =/

Comment by Stephen Sammons

I was all hyped up for this until I saw it was only available for iPad (can't afford one) and only through iTunes (closed my account when it got hacked and my c card got charged $510 for games and in-game credits [BTW, Apple did nothing about it and I ended up paying it]). Sad, really, I was sooo wanting to look through this. Hope the PDF comes out soon.

Comment by Hoopajoo

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