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A tiny, tiny bathroom, in a tiny bunk house in Maine
August 31, 2012, 7:55 pm
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Earlier this summer, while in China Maine, I took a few new snapshots of this little bunkhouse (which appears in the photo gallery of my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”), and its newly installed, super tiny bathroom. The bathroom was a former closet, and is a mere 4′ by 4′ in its floor layout. The tiny sink was salvaged from another collapsing cabin in the woods and given a new life here. Dana Sennett, former mayor of the city of Waterville, ME is the proud builder/owner of this lil’ cabin by the lake. This building was formerly a wood shed too, believe it or not.

Dana’s 4′ by 4′ bathroom. All photos by Deek

 This is all part of a SLEW of new photos I’ve been taking for well over a year, that may possibly end up in another tiny housing design and concept book- I’m most likely also working on a coffee-table style book for another publisher on KID’S FORTS, treehouses, and more– and am currently looking for any submission photos and exceptional works- here’s you’re chance to have YOUR WORK showcased in a book! kidcedar at gmail dot com is my email if you’re interested- the book will ALSO feature some hobby sheds, ultra-tiny houses, and seasonal cabins as well.

And yes, soon, I’ll elaborate more on the NEW guest speakers that have been added to our “Tiny House Building Workshop” in Stoughton, MA (12 miles outside Boston), on Nov 2-4. Still some room left for sign-ups. kidcedar at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

The Sennett Bunkhouse on China Lake
The bunk room itself- its about 8′ deep and 12′ long (the entire cabin)
Curtained storage above the bathroom- smart!

 ANOTHER GREAT EXAMPLE of a tiny bathroom for a tiny house, and one with a shower comes from the book “Little House On A Small Planet” from Shay Solomon- a great read. Its full of photos and vingetes from tiny house dwellers.   -Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I'm digging the efficient use of space in this one! 🙂

Comment by Olskoolrodder

That lamp in the bathroom looks very dangerous.

Comment by Deb

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