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A mini-cabin INSIDE an apartment in Amsterdam
August 21, 2012, 10:15 pm
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 I’ve never been to Amsterdam, Netherlands, but if I ever go, here’s one of the places I’d love to stay. In some other lifetime I’d also like to try something along these lines- the installation of a tiny space, or tiny house, within a large, industrial space, but shared with other, funky, homemade, earthy, fun, and unique dwelling pods. It would almost be an indoor community of tiny homes, or an interior micro-housing development- all out of sight, and potentially out of mind, for the many law-writing naysayers out there- if you wanted to go that route, naturally.

This particular one is an listing, one of many interesting ones out there…..

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Beautiful, but NEVER use Airbnb!!! I had one lined up and the owner cancelled the reservation the day before! Worse yet, Airbnb didn't give me a warning or anything. I had to log in to see what was going on. Even worse, payment refund had to be requested, rather than being automatic. And the bottom line … no apologies from Airbnb. They're full of air, alright.

But it's a beautiful cabin!

Comment by Grammi

I've been keeping up with this tiny house trend for a while…now that I have moved to Boston, I'm ready to take the leap and build my own! Would you or someone local you know be willing to help a novice like me?? Let me know 🙂 stephie1122 at gmail dot com


Comment by Stephanie Stuber

it's really just a freestanding bedroom – which is cool. I'd love to be able to shift my rooms around and not just the furniture within the rooms.

Comment by Ms. Magoo

Yes, its listed as such- a “bedroom”- but it certainly borrows from teardrop trailers, and such- which I love. You're right too, you could move WHOLE ROOMS around when you tired of their locale- for better sun orietation, a better view, more privacy, and so forth…

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

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