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How to protect your tiny house when you’re away- cabin security….
June 27, 2012, 8:33 pm
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     There are many approaches, from motion detecting cameras, to pungee-stick pits (no, please don’t…), but here is one of the simplest approaches, and one that works very well, and is EASY to construct. Lets face it, we’ve all heard of horror stories where off grid homes, when left for weeks on end, or even a day or two, are turned into underage party dens, targets for theft, or are just plain vandalized for no reason- and its a nightmare many of us at least think, if not worry, about. SO….give this video a quick whirl, and you’ll then have one more protective approach in your arsenal. And if this works, hell, a few bear snares ought to do the trick! Again, kidding…kidding…..

When it comes to your hard-earned/hard-built tiny cabin, camp, or home, this idea can’t hurt!

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Great simple suggestion. I like how the bolt fits through. You could also hinge it at the top and have it serve as a sun or rain shield when propped open.

I give my trespassing neighbors authority to patrol and thenvtheyvtake on the responsibility.

Comment by marty

I would think the shutter is a little easy to pry off.. We had our door kicked in by thieves… There are alarms that will work without remote notification.. which might scare people. (you would need electricity “on” to have those work). You could also make your shutters out of sheet metal and have them slide on metal tracks.. carriage bolts on either side would keep them from sliding.. or you could go with the internal hinge and one bolt.. and hope they couldnt pry the hinge side free. We currently have a pipe through metal holders on the interior of the door for when we are inside.. of course can't “lock” that from inside.. but did reinforce the door frame with a piece of aluminum behind the deadbolt.. so hopefully that is going to be strong enough.

Comment by Ms. Shypoke

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