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The Hickshaw Micro-cabin/Tiny "House" relocates…
May 10, 2012, 10:43 am
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Wanna stay in The Hickshaw? A Treehouse? Deek’s Vermont Cabin? An Off-Grid Log Cabin? Well- “TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP”– July 6-9th in Northern Vermont is your chance- more info below…

Seeing as where its now located, I might have to rename it “The Hosta Hut”

     Just messin’ around with my camera the other day- which I LOVE! (its a Canon Powershot ELPH300HS). On one of the few sunny days we’ve recently had, I shot a ton of photos while working in the yard, dabblin’ with some carpentry, and in the garden (kale, tomatos, sunflowers, carrots, potatos, peppers, echinacea, and more this year- I put in a new apple and pear tree as well).
     Anyway, I’ve had quite a few people ask what camera I own, so there you go. This camera has already significantly dropped in price since it came out (See the link below). Not a single complaint with this thing- tiny, good quality photos, and it wasn’t insanely expensive.

Found this lil’ guy while moving the cabin/doing some gardening….

 Also, after taking it off my trailer bed from a library-lot display a ways back, I’ve now relocated “The Hickshaw” cabin (see the video below), its for sale too- $600. If it doesn’t sell, soon, it’ll be heading to Vermont (which I’d almost prefer), to serve as yet another guest space for “Tiny House Summer Camp”– July 6-9th. Some INCREDIBLE guest speakers will be there, and we’re building a tiny cabin together as well! Field trips too! Click on the HUGE link at the top of the page for more info, the list of speakers, demos, and more!

More, on what this will end up being- soon….

Also, thanks to these chaps for helping to spread the word/always being supportive of the movement…

Kent Griswold at
Alex Pino at
Steven Harrell at and


-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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