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Wanna stay in a treehouse, a cabin, a mini-mobile shelter, or a log cabin?
April 5, 2012, 8:48 am
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First (thanks!)- Today’s post brought to you by the ever-awesome (their “Writer’s Haven” Cabin is one the THE BEST I’ve seen). Damn Funky!

Note: We also need a small backer or two (you’ll be mentioned/logo shown in the episode) for one/two upcoming “Tiny Yellow House” TV shoots we’re doing- in turn, we’ll help you reach ALOT of people. Some of the youtube videos have well over 100,000 views. kidcedar at gmail dot com. Thanks! 

  Secondly, for those coming from the UK Daily News Piece on my Cabins- here’s the VIDEO TOUR OF “The GYPSY JUNKER”

Wanna stay in a treehouse, a cabin, a mini-mobile shelter, or a log cabin? ALL within one spread of land?

 July 6, 7, 8, 9th– I’m hosting another Building Working Workshop which I’m dubbing “Tiny House Summer Camp”. Last year’s sold out fast! We’re building a micro guest hut, touring several tiny houses (including my own Vermont Cabin- as seen in the NY Times), hosting several speaking guests and campfire discussions (Just added Willliam “Bill” Rockhill of Bear Creek Carpentry (from the Adirondacks- who has built several Tumbleweed Tiny Houses), AND as its a weekend-long affair, we’ll have camping spots, or your choice of cabins, treehouses, and mobile ground dwellings to stay in. (Speaking of which “The Hickshaw” cabin is for sale- $800– email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com). You can also email me at that address if you’re interested in the 4 day workshop (2 meals also included)- which is $399 (early bird price). Below is one of the treehuts we’ll be messing with and that a first-come, first-serve person or couple can stay in. Its in the middle of the Vermont woods, overlooking a stream.

Also- I’m teaching TWO upcoming Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops! Check ’em out! 
   SIGN UP (more info is HERE)- I’m heading up Miami and Boston…;aff_id=10

(And below is another one of my Vermont Cabins you can stay in!)….and more shots of the treehouse….

PHOTO By BRUCE BETTIS = (as are MANY of the UK Daily News Shots)

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