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A tiny house trapped in the Twilight Zone? And $100 off Tumbleweed Courses
March 30, 2012, 4:24 pm
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This photo is just bizarre, yet strangely interesting in a way I can’t really describe- a combination of peaceful and EERIE. I’m not even sure if the photo is real. Is it a scale model in miniature? A photo shopped job? Still, its a tiny fixer-upper for sure….

Today’s been a fun/interesting day- gloomy though (weather-wise), like the “sand storm”-looking sky in this photo. I woke up this morning, and having still not picked up a new coffee maker, it was back to a dose of stove top “Cowboy Coffee” to get the morning going….ever try it?- VERY easy to do, and tastes fine, you’re just left with some grinds in your mug….

Hmmm…since we’ll be hanging ’round the fire at night for out Vermont Tiny House Building Workshop on July 6-9th- we just might have to mess with some cowboy coffee, paper bag donuts, burgers on a rock (cooked on a hot rock), etc…. more details coming soon on that! Below is ONE of the cabins that some of the attendees will be welcome to stay in…. its been featured in several books, newspaper, tv shows, and blogs…speaking of which….

 First FIVE to sign up for the workshop will also get a free copy of Lloyd Kahn’s new incredible book- “Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter”– easily one of the best tiny housing/homemade housing books out there. A $25.00 value.

Also- Tumbleweed Miami (which I’m teaching) still has a $100 off special for the next two days- click below to find out more- MANY guest speakers….and we might add ONE MORE soon….

I just did an interview this morning for the Miami Sun-Sentinel- a huge metro paper that interviewed Jay Shafer and I on the small housing scene- once that runs, this workshop could get nuts, so check it out now- while you can still save $100!  HERE’s THE LINK YOU NEED….;aff_id=10

 Derek “Deek” Diedricksen runs the blog, Hosts “Tiny Yellow House” TV on youtube, and is author of the tiny house, fort, cabin, treehouse, and cottage design book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” which you can check out by clicking HERE.


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