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Edgar Blazona Strikes Again (Well, one of his designs does)….the MD100
March 4, 2012, 12:28 pm
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Edgar Blazona sure is one funky, creative, dude, and I’ve posted before on his free plans MD100 mini-house/studio that was once featured in Readymade Magazine (R.I.P.). I really like the concept and design, and this REALLY COOL time lapse video shows some of the ins and out of the build.
     My only question/concern is the HUGE front plexiglas window, which in high winds might buckle/give like a sail, but I could be wrong (and perhaps we could get Edgar to chime in on this, and other things he’s working on, at some point). The video below CRIMINALLY has few views….lets change that for the guy who filmed it- he did a GREAT job. Edgar’s site is listed below too- be sure to visit it- some GREAT eye candy there!

Regardless, its a really cool structure that can be built for approximately $2000 in materials, and where a high level of skill isn’t needed. Below, are a few other photos of this build/model that I’ve found online. Enjoy.

There are FREE blueprints/plans for the build HERE- very thorough….×17
Plans like these, and the ideas, take ALOT of work to produce, so if you ever do go an build the MD100, please be so kind as to send Edgar photos, or support him in some way (if he sells a book, buy one, etc- I’m not sure- a donation?). Free plans, especially good ones, are hard to come by.  
Check out Edgar’s site/work at

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
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