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tiny, tiny, tiny cast iron wood stoves from (for your tiny house/small home)
January 12, 2012, 9:30 am
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    Wow! These are just gorgeous, and alongside the Dickinson boat stoves, are a great space-saving option for heat in your small/tiny home, cabin, shack, or hut. I’d LOVE to work one of these Marine Brand or Dickinson heaters/stoves into a filmed client build for our “Tiny Yellow House” show someday- we’ll see. Perhaps for “The H-Hut” prototype we want to build, or a fully outfitted NH treehouse that we might tackle in 2012.
     Anyway, Most of these Navigator/Marine stoves take up barely more than 1 square foot of floor space (with some clearance space needed), and again, they’re just so nice looking! Add these to my tiny house-outfitting dream list… (and commence drooling).

Check out MUCH MORE at
from “Navigator Stove Works”

A new prototype they’re working on- it runs on diesel/bio diesel. 28″ tall, approx. 12″ wide. 
“The Sardine”- their smallest model, with a nice enamel finish (they have several color options, or you can just go for the classic “cast iron black”)
Their “Little Cod” model now comes with a glass fronted option…
“The Halibut” interior

Coming up…
A photo gallery of REALLY cool ice fishing shacks/huts/shanties
NEW artwork as part of our “Sixty Shack Sketches In Sixty Days” series
Photos of the new micro-treehouse I’m working on (assuming I don’t break my neck building it!)
My new edition of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” is also out in a little less than three weeks, but you can check it out and order it already on…

(side note: we’re filming three episodes of “Tiny Yellow House” in a cross country trip to Seattle soon and looking for one/two more backers to make this possible (with some other potential shoots wrapped in). Thanks to for helping out so far! Those who help will be mentioned in these episodes. kidcedar at gmail dot com. People keep telling me “do a Kickstarter” campaign, but I’m not sure I want to just yet….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
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I love the height (28″) on the first picture. Not only would that save space but it adds a nice vertical quality to your tiny space seemingly elongating the walls and giving a visually larger space overall. Thanks for the find Deek!

Comment by anotherkindofdrew

I agree- its a really unique looking stove too. Thanks Drew

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

HERRING has been heating our 16×20' patternshop this & last heating season here on Orcas Island and I must say it does a fine job. But unless you make your own BIO that you will be tied to buying fuel. I use about 25$ of 5$/gal B100 a week with sporadic daytime use. But if you've ever become accustomed to feeding a woodstove (which becomes “automatic” after a while)seeing this stove just go and go seems to be evading the laws of nature. Glad you find it of interest. Cheers/Andrew/NSW

Comment by navigatorstoves

Fuel-wise, good to know- Thanks for checking in Andrew…

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

Hmmm went to their site and got: “This domain has recently been listed in the marketplace at Click here to inquire or call 1-800-385-8489” ?

Comment by MetroGypsy

Is there an alternative website to view their line? Thanks!

Comment by MetroGypsy

Deek – great link, very interesting company. My 12 x 16 cabin in NH (I sent you pics last year) can be kept warm with the cheap box stove that I rescued from a dump, yet my cabin is not insulated. I joke that it will be able to be heated with a candle when I insulate, but actually worry that the box stove will be just too much for that space. These micro stoves look great for when that day comes. greetings from France!! Rod

Comment by Rod

Here's a couple of mean-while stoves while saving up for those above:


Their 959 woodburner is a mere $100!

Neither of these are cast iron, or as pretty, but quality cast iron is big money, these days.

Comment by Dave Z

Yeah, i drool over the Navigator stoves too. Deek, i can help but enjoy your work. When are you coming to Seattle? I dont think i can make a donation right now, but if you need a hand with anything in the filming… (i am in Olympia)

Abel Zyl Zimmerman
Zyl Vardos, Olympia Wa

Comment by Abel Zyl Zimmerman

Sorry, typo, read: '…can't help but enjoy your work.'

Comment by Abel Zyl Zimmerman

Hey, same to you Abel (your work)- thanks for checkin in!

Comment by Derek Diedricksen


Love ya! Any mention of the Little Cod is incomplete without mention of the Enterprise Fawcett Foundry Company located in New Brunswick, Canada. They still make their historic version of the Little Cod marine wood stove and sell it for ~US$400. A great option for folks unwilling/unable to shell out the bigger bucks for the Navigator model. Delivered, our's cost us US$580. To match the Navigator 'look' – for a few dollars and a trip to our local marine outfitter – I upgraded the door hinge clevis pins to stainless steel.

For those interested, I've written about our Little Cod here:

Thanks for posting!

Comment by Kai Mikkel Forlie

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