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Repurposing junked cedar shingles, My fave tiny house blogs of 2011, and Tiny House Shack Sketch #29
January 1, 2012, 1:56 pm
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So much for eating healthier in 2012- I’m drinkin’ coffee and scoffin’ down Doritos as I type this…

“THREE TINY HOUSES ON A SHINGLE” (a container house/home, an a-frame, and a cantilevered cabin)

This time for “Sixty Shack Sketches in Sixty Days” we’re sportin’ wood….with some sketching on a dumpstered, job-site, cedar shingle- cedar shingle art, I call it “shart”. Wait a sec….NONE of that came out the right way…

I also save junk shingles for shimming and leveling my building projects- a salvage tip I highly recommend. 

Happy New Year all! For, 2012 brings….

-MANY new “Tiny Yellow House” episodes (a good deal already shot) for both our channel and for Make Magazine.
-A trip to Seattle with Jay Shafer, Dee Williams, and Pepper Clark (for a collaborative event I’ve been invited to)- where I’ll also shoot a pair of new videos.
-A trip to Florida (where Alex Pino and I might team up to bring you a tag-team tiny house video (without the ‘roids and Mexican wrestling masks).
-Perhaps a REAL tv show (we made it to the third and final round with HGTV, but then our supporter over there left the company, and their budget got axed) as we have another production contract on the table. A co-hosted affair that would be pretty ridiculous.
-A workshop of my own (#2) here in Massachusetts (kidcedar at gmail dot com if you want to receive more info).
-Another trip to Miami for a tiny housing event- more details soon….
-A team-up project perhaps, with myself and Steven Harrell of ….
-AND- in four weeks (its already on the release of the NEW VERSION OF MY BOOK! Wooohoooo!
-and FINALLY another reprinting of the mini-book “Quick Camps and Leg Cramps” (with some newer stuff) as so many have asked. We’ll probably have a downloadable version too…

A mini book from 2010- we printed this in a very limited number, and will have more down the road…

We already have enough sketches and text for another entire, larger, book, but by contract I have to wait a certain length of time before I shop it (we already have two potential interested parties/publishers).

Anyway, that aside, its text-heavy today, but I’d like to continue this post with a simple thanks to what I felt (aside from my own- as it represents EXACTLY what I’m interested in- as it should) were the best tiny house related blogs in 201l- which also doubles as a list of people who were extremely supportive and kind to me- people, in almost all cases, who I consider actual friends through this whole like-minded community of people.

Kent Griswold and
Lloyd Kahn and
Alex Pino and
Michael Janzen and
Holly Gomez and 
Steven Harrell of (THE best new tiny housing blog, I feel)
I also don’t know him as well, and haven’t really worked with him but
Ryan Mitchell of does a great job in the scene too. He’s also a fellow Eagle Scout, so he gets my respect right off the bat. We scouting geeks have to stick together!
There are so many other cool tiny housing related blogs too, builders, architects, and so on, but to list them all would leave me with carpal tunnel syndrome. Those above are just to ones I check in on most frequently.

On the shoot for “The Horror Hut”- a greenhouse/writer’s retreat that I designed and built

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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Thanks for the plug Deek! You've got a nice roundup of things going on in 2012.

Comment by Steven

Hey Deek thanks so much for including me, it's always an honor. Talk to ya soon! ~Alex

Comment by Alex

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