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December 2, 2011, 12:38 pm
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Well, I’ve toyed with this idea for awhile, thinking it might be a fun lead-up to the official release date of my new book (and yes, overtly, it would be to help promote my book, as if this one does well enough, Lyons Press (or whoever) would be game to let me do ANOTHER tiny housing book (and hopefully more down the road). I just think, like I said, that it’d be fun too….


Anyway, I’m somewhat foolish to do it, as it means I’ll be taking on a s-load more work (while still dropping some REGULAR blog posts here and there), but for the next SIXTY DAYS (which takes us right up to the mailing/release date of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” (which you can order now on, I’m going to try to drop a cabin, hut, small house, micro-home, or tree house design/concept sketch EACH and EVERY DAY. I’m going to TRY to at least (as I’m building a greenhouse for clients, a micro A-frame for a demo, and shooting about 3-4 videos for MAKE Magazine between now and then….

I’m going to try to make about 90% of these BRAND NEW stuff you’ve never yet seen, or in the case of rehashes- ones that the majority of people have yet to see.

Soon to go the way of the Dodo…..this one’s from the “old” version of the book, and has never been tossed online yet (at least that I know of).

     TODAY- #1, is actually an oldie (I know, I know, just when I said most of them would be new), but THIS is a sketch that is being retired- it was in the OLD, hand assembled version of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” but WILL NOT be in the new one, so as to make way for new/other concepts in that newer, expanded edition. This is a sketch that I felt just wasn’t up to snuff with some of the other new stuff, but one that I still dig the idea it represented.

Again- we’ll have some regular posts too….don’t worry…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I like this one, but I think it'd get a little chilly at nights with the hatch open…

Comment by Pe-ads

I figured a heavy roll-down curtain, or hinged doors could be employed…

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

That'd work, or maybe you could have a cord to pull the hatch back in – might be a little claustrophobic locked in, though!

Comment by Pe-ads

Deek! I need a small sauna (wood fired). I've been drawing a few things but I know you're the right man for the job. I need something like 8'x10' that's fun to look at, has benches to sauna, room for a wood stove and room to sleep in, and i'm going to cram a wood heated shower in there too!

Can you put some sauna drawing in this new book?

– Solar Burrito

Comment by Joseph and Cheryl

Hey, don't know if you have the old book or not, it has one sauna idea…but yeah, I'll try to remember to do one at some point- I do have some ideas I've never used yet- in that direction. Hope you're well! I might be in Seattle area in late Feb, btw- aren't you near there?


Comment by Derek Diedricksen

Hi Derek, ya I have the old book. I'll browse through it again. Those barrel saunas look pretty cool but I'm not sure they would be comfortable inside, possibly too cramped with low head room? Not sure.

Ya I'm in Seattle. If you've got some time you should do a video on my cabin. It's 90 minutes west of Seattle though so not sure if you'll have time.

Comment by Joseph and Cheryl

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