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The World’s Tiniest A-Frame Cabin!? What the heck? (my latest project)
November 30, 2011, 2:52 pm
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     No, it doesn’t have any luxurious features (well, its not done yet, so who knows!), and its a mere shelter/single sleeper and not so much a tiny house (then again “What IS a “house”? Many different cultural interpretations there…), but here’s a few shots of A WORK IN PROGRESS– its far from finished. Ultimately I’m either going to donate it for use, or sell it to then donate the proceeds- we’ll see- depending on who can realistically make use of it.

Always with the jump shot, always with the jump shot….. The micro A-frame cabin is almost 8′ tall, and utilizes a thick recycled door as its base.

     Oh yeah, aside from the tar paper (1/2 a roll), some caulk, a portion of the screws, and the wood that frames the window (and 1/8 of a gallon of $5.00 “Oops Paint”)- its ALL free, recycled, and dumpstered/curbed materials- some donated by my neighbor Paul LaCivita (thanks Paul!).

I employed one of these square-meets-circle, simple cantilevering windows in a build we did for The History Channel in Brooklyn the other month, and I liked the look so much that I brought it back again. This pop-out window also makes the interior of this small A-frame cabin appear less cramped- and it serves as table/shelf space (you could easily add some shelves in it too!).
The tiny A-frame with SOME of the trim and battens on…..amongst many of my other recycled material cabins.

 TOTAL BUDGET: $48.00 (it could have been built for less if I had more time to search for window-frame wood (that set me back $21.00- although I didn’t use the whole 12′ pine board). Also, I bought the tar paper, but have almost half left (and the price of a FULL roll was incorporated here).

By the way, the above shot, with all the cabins, will most likely be the site, again, for our NEXT hands-on, tiny house/shelter building workshop here in Massachusetts- we’re still in the process of nailing down a date for our 2nd annual tiny-house-a-thon.  For any interested, email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com. Thanks!

For all you A-frame cabin/tiny house addicts- the new version of my book (below) will have some A-frame sketches and ideas, an INVERTED A-Frame house, and then some….THANK YOU, THANK YOU, those who have supported me by picking up a copy on

Here’s one of the sketches….(all in all, the new book has something like SIXTY cabin, house, shack, cottage, and fort concepts- and then a TON of other related stuff- building tips and ideas, design help from some pros…).

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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I am looking forward to seeing the inside of the world's tiniest A-frame cabin.

Comment by piggywhistles

Bamf. I love the idea.

Just one comment, you have the firewood and greenhouse switched. The greenhouse should be south facing yes, but wouldn't it be best to orient the whole cabin so that the loft window and the cutout triangular space (which has the most perpendicular face to the sun thus able to garner the most light and heat in per given window area) face south as well?

Comment by Sean

You're right- half of what you see is for/because of pictoral/page-space limitations- but yes, if you could angle MORE of the cabin in a southernly direction (if possible, depending on the site) it would be a good idea. Thanks

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

hi derek … loving all these cabin designs .. but prefer video to show how built interier , etc .did you ever think of releasing a how to dvd ?

Comment by michaelwelsh61

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