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TWELVE Terrific (and Tiny) Houseboats and Shantyboats- A photo gallery
November 17, 2011, 6:02 pm
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      Here’s ANOTHER gallery of really cool, unique, fun, and in some cases, damn tiny houseboats and shantyboats for your viewing/drooling pleasure. I REALLY still want to build one at some point and the more I talk about it with my brother Dustin, the more it becomes a “larger” documentary-style project- featuring a few works/boats of others, and the building process of one I’d design, and launch- giving viewers a cruise along the North River in Massachusetts- home to some REALLY cool and offbeat small homes. Anyway, I’m getting way ahead of myself, so whether you’re a boat nut, or a tiny house/cabin fan, I think you’ll appreciate some of these…..I also added my “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” sketch of “The Pimple” in the mix (at the end)- as this is one of the sketches (and the reading of “Shantyboat” by Harlan Hubbard) that landed me houseboat-fever yet again!

“The Pimple (aka THE TERRAPIN)”- the tiniest of “house”boats- a sketch from “HUMBLE HOMES, SIMPLE SHACKS”
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-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Hi there,

quick question for you. I just bought your new color book. However, I noticed in the description of your OLD book that is was part instructional. Which is more of what I am looking for since I have relativly little experience building things, much lest an awesome tiny living space!

Should I have looked for the first edition?

Comment by Unknown

Derek, I hope you check this area for comments and to reply. I live in Northern MN. Do you ever think about tiny house plans that would stand up to MN winters for year around living rustic and simple as far as a heat source; (i.e. Angle Inlet, MN); accomodate 2 people; be safe from bears (while gone from home); safe from intruders (single 50ish person)? I wish I could attend one of your workshops….far away and work full time, but anyway, I LOVE every idea you put out there for people to see and/or try, and your sense of humor is great. Also…for those of us with low to no money who keep hoping and dreaming, you are a dream-saver!

Comment by Beth Ann Lane aka Magnan

Sorry, I forgot one more question. I was thinking about a houseboat tiny house. I saw a huge boathouse (so to speak) built in Canada (internet surfing) that had a dock on the sides and back (barrels) and the house sat up on stilts from the dock up. The front was open so a small boat could be pulled underneath the house — in-between the docks. I wondered how that would hold up when the lake freezes over…? Sorry if this is not the right place to “write a lot” I have only emailed on gmail and don't know much about blogging and things. Thanks again.

Comment by Beth Ann Lane aka Magnan


Comment by George Schmidt

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