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Books: A lost tiny house classic- "RENEGADE HOUSES" (WIN A COPY (and FOUR others!))- CONTEST)
November 16, 2011, 3:17 pm
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WIN THESE FIVE BOOKS! Over $100 in Tiny House Goods -Winner will be announced Dec 10th, 2011 (duh!)- so that these can be shipped in time for Kwanza! -Or whatever holiday you might celebrate….

-RENEGADE HOUSES- by ERIC HOFFMAN- WIN A COPY of this out of print classic!

-A copy (the last) of “Quick Camps and Leg Cramps”– a zine I wrote, illustrated, printed, and self-assembled, wayyyy back. We’ll have a newer colorized version soonish…for those who keep asking (sorry its taken so long). We’ll also soon have an ENORMOUS book-lot contest closer to the release of the new edition of my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” (Lyons Press)– there is  link to that book below, and its reviews. More on that later….

-A copy of “Homework” by Lloyd Kahn– AUTOGRAPHED (thanks Lloyd!)- its one of my TOP TEN favorites.

CABINOLOGY– a ridiculously cool book- from Dan Mulfinger

-A REALLY NICE long sleeve, embroidered, work shirt from Domenic Mangano over at The JAMAICA COTTAGE SHOP (they’re GREAT!)

-And one of the few/last hand assembled versions of my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”– again, the new, expanded, version is already on for pre-order right now (link below- only $11.49). If you need it signed, or personalized, etc- let me know.

-Also- a really cool handmade tote bag from the cottage industry company- “AmeriGere”– “Built In The USA”.

Anyway….(a quick Renegade Houses review- then the contest details are below)
     Maybe I just love the romantic idea of not doing what people and the law tell you too- lol- but THESE are the kind of books I LOVE. I must be getting old too, as I grabbed this from my brother’s house, only to realize, once I got home, that it was MY book, and that I had read it already. I’m slippin’…I’m slippin’- especially because its such a great book- loaded with photos, personal tales, building tips, and legal loopholes (some dated by now perhaps), that would certainly aid you in building your own handbuilt home.

Its also packed with some great insight as to the world, and usages, of recycled, salvaged, and second-hand materials, when it comes to building one’s home on a budget. The book is out of print now, which does surprise me, as its really a solid offering, and pretty unique one, especially considering that it came out in 1982.

I recently jumped on Amazon, and the book, used, is really cheap, well, until someone buys those lower priced copies. DEFINTELY worth a look though….and even though I’m apparently losing my memory, I’d have to say that this book could rank in my top 20/25 of tiny housing/small living books. SEE MY TOP TEN TINY HOUSING BOOK PICKS HERE…

Inside you’ll find…
Houses built inside, and from, old redwood water tanks, Abode huts, cordwood cabins, ferrocement-free-form houses, treehomes/tree houses, A recycled tiny church (moved, and rebuilt into a single family home), and stories based on houses built in lower-priced, access-challenged, lots that others thought were “unbuildable”. The book also does have a good number of illustrated details and diagrams, aside from a wealth of black and white photos.

As for the contest– join up on our facebook open-group on tiny housing/simple living (right hand column on this blog), and enter your take on this recycling challenge….WHAT THE HECK ELSE CAN WE DO WITH ONE/TWO-LITER PLASTIC SODA BOTTLES! The emphasis being on a construction sense- but other ideas will be considered too. Water bottles, etc are great too.heck, lets add glass bottles too….The winner, as picked by my brother and I (and maybe I can get some other folks to offer their opinions- ie- Alex Pino from, Kent G from, who knows…) will win the entire lot of books/swag.

ENTER YOUR IDEA IN THE THREAD ON OUR GROUP PAGE– in text, or on your own page, where we can view it (if its too hard to explain). We might feature some runner-ups on the blog too.

Basically, we’re looking for new and unique ideas- fun, novelty, useful, whatever…..enter your submission and Dec 15th we’ll pick a winner and mail him/her those books.

ALSO- if the idea is good enough, I might even film it as an episode for MAKE MAGAZINE’s blog (for “TINY YELLOW HOUSE” on youtube)- credit you, toss a mug shot of you in the episode, and so on…..

WE’RE LOOKING FOR NEW AND CREATIVE IDEAS….US entries only please…the shipping overseas is just too nuts for one single book ($14.00) let alone a stack of them….

 Fame, fortune, books….they could all be YOURS! (well, books at least).

On your marks…
Get set….

$11.49 on through the link in the left hand column of this blog…

 For those who don’t win- here are some links for reviews, overviews, etc- on the books at hand…..

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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