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The Krunk Bunk- Fo’ Sale (and other cabins too!)…..Our legless bunkbed/micro-loft set-up…..
August 25, 2011, 8:36 am
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Well, the video tour of this one for Make Magazine is up soon, or is already, depending on when you see this….

Anyway, as I’ve been building so many things for both “Tiny Yellow House” and “Make Magazine”, I really don’t have the room to keep/store them anymore, and for that reason, to any who might be interested, we’re selling a few of the things we’ve built, so as to have a budget to work with for future projects and videos (one of our next builds is DAMN EXPENSIVE in materials), and more so, so my wife won’t kill me!- our small home is starting to look like the old set from Pee Wee’s Playhouse! We’ll also donate a sizeable portion of the proceeds towards a homeless-shelter and/or some kid-related charity- tba.

So- The Krunk Bunk- asking $600 or best offer- ALOT of work and painting went into this one…..interior paintings/light are not included- neither is the futon mattress. You have to pick it up.


“The Blue Crab” mini-boat- $250. Pick up only….

The Fold-Down Fort- TONS of work went into this one….asking $400…

And…. The GottaGiddaWay Micro Cabin….(once I’m done with bringing it to Walden Woods for a speaking engagement, and to an exhibit at the Deerfield, MA fair- Sept 17th/18th…. Asking $1000

Oh yeah- THE GYPSY JUNKER for the NY Times is ALSO for sale- make an offer- I won’t “give” it away though- this one took the longest to build- you’d have to find someway to move it too…$2000

The NEW edition of my book is also out for pre-order for a mere $11.53 too- lots of new stuff, designs, color photos, and more…..

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Email is in the left column…or leave your info in the comment board….


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I live in MA- right near Boston…..

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