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NEW tiny/small house design book ("Humble Homes, Simple Shacks")….More details….
July 12, 2011, 8:13 am
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Order a copy at the photo link below- this is the TEMP cover of the book…..

  First, MORE photos from our SOLD OUT workshop last weekend, will be posted too (next most recent blog entry DOES have some)- I promise- and yes, there will be another down the road….so keep checkin’ back or email so I’ll have your address on file for an eventual announcement…   

And….Some of you might have seen some recent posts on our tiny house facebook group about the NEW Version 2.0 of the book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” (JOIN HERE) that will be coming out Feb. 2012 through the Lyons Press, but for those who haven’t, this new, expanded version is already out for pre-order at a REALLY discounted price- a very random $11.53. Crazy thing is, for a book that isn’t even out, it was the #22 best selling Carpentry/Home Improvement book on the planet at one point yesterday (my mom must have bought up a ton of copies at once! ha!). Note: what you see below isn’t going to be the real cover down the road, and my name is even misspelled on it! (“No respect….” -Rodney Dangerfield voice…). The cover will be bad-ass when done…I’ll soon post a few art-sketch/design examples too- so check back….

As for what exactly is going to be new/different than the old, soon-to-be illegal, hand-assembled version….

-A “designing for small spaces” section, with input from Lloyd Kahn of Shelter Publications, Jay Shafer of The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Dee Williams (small dweller extraordinaire), Gregory Johnson- author and founder of The Small House Society, Tammy Strobel of (Downsizing Maven), Cathy Johnson (artist, author, and tiny house owner), Alex Pino of, Kent Griswold of, Mimi Zeiger (Tiny House Author, Architect), Duo Dickinson (Yale architect prof.), Michael Tougias (Author of the cabin book “There’s a Porcupine in My Outhouse”), Colin Beaven (author of “No Impact Man”), and many more…..

-SEVERAL new cabin designs and concepts that we haven’t released before….

-An intro from two of my favorite authors/designers David and Jeanie Stiles (who have penned numerous tiny house/cabin/shed books)

-Many new humorous, and instructive tiny cartoons, and sketch blurbs to go with the text and new text passages….

-TWO sizeable color photo insert sections showing a gallery of not only my work and designs, but that of many others who submitted their photos over the last year….

-An extended “books recommended section”

-Several new text sections…and so on….
The old version of the book, by the way (still for sale on THIS blog) DOES have about 5-6 full page designs that WILL NOT be in the new book- and may never see the light of day again….so, if you want to grab a copy of that while I still have a few, check out the right hand column on this site for the link.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Hi Derek, I sent you a photo of our tiny house porch and I was wondering which book it might be in…from A Great Leap in in the Dark (in Idaho).

Comment by April

Hey April- it'll be in the book above- out on pre-order now, but not in stores yet…thanks again….Feb 2012 is the official release date.

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

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