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The Supertramp Mobile Bike House/Camper Concept- Tiny Home Living- on Wheels!
June 30, 2011, 11:46 am
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These photos are just too much fun, and while something like this would be a little too clunky to really ride around with, and would be very unaerodynamic, I could see a frame and canvas concept like this working rather well in a treehouse setting, where lightness counts. You could also erect a structure like this on a small houseboat type float. One review I read, knocks the structure for having a woodstove in it as being too much of a fire hazard (although military tents did this for ages), and while I tend to agree somewhat, I think more of the concern would be in terms of sheer weight/drag. Certainly a unique take on portable dwellings in conjunction with tent-like tiny houses/cabins.

Built and designed by the “do tank” people at Lehman B….


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Love it, love it, love it! Clunky schmunky! I'd pull it around with me!

Comment by Meg Kells

Take out the stove and put in a pizza oven and you would be a hit anywhere!

Comment by Dick

Very inspiring space out of the box !!

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

being a bicycle enthusiast i love the concept, except i dont like the canvas part… i woulddo like a pop up tent trailer but with wood sides like the gypsy wagons for ren faire seen at rae/ i also have a family too, so it would hae to be big enough for them too or at least to cart around our gear and a seperate tent..

Comment by badkittie748

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