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An Amazing Beachside Squatter Shack/Tiny House….Its inhabitant facing eviction.
June 17, 2011, 8:54 pm
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Check out these photos, and thanks to Lisa Denny (from out tiny housing facebook group) for bringing this article to my attention. The full article link is below, but to cut to the chase, this guy (David Burgess) has lived on the far reaches of this park’s land for TWENTY-SIX years, and is now being evicted……sad, really. It reminds me of the now famous hidden underground dweller on Nantucket Island, and the clandestine city-park treehouse dweller that made minor headlines in the past.

What this individual has done with driftwood and the ruins/foundation of a never-finished building, is just amazing .Talk about a home with character, albeit one where you’d certainly be “roughin’ it”.

Is it me, or does this guy remind you of Kris Kristofferson!?
FROM THE DAILY MIRROR (Richard Smith)- Read more:
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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In reading the actual article, it sounds like applying for ownership of land that was inside of a park, was a bad move.. possibly no one would have disturbed him, otherwise.. ?
I hope that the publicity will evoke some kind of offers to him from people who might like a quiet caretaker.. and/or, the article seems to imply that the park might allow him to continue to stay as long as he withdraws his claim on the land..

Comment by Scott

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