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Cape Cod Film Project- AND Tilted Acres- A Colorful Cluster of Camps/Cottages on Cape Cod
June 9, 2011, 2:10 pm
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A few (of many) photos, and our path towards a film/video project on The Cape Cod Dune Shacks… details below- any donations can be made to paypal account (and your business (as an ad) or name will be credited/shown in the film’s intro credits).

Join our tiny housing FACEBOOK GROUP HERE– to see much more on this project, and far beyond the posts you’ll see on this blog…

A few weekends ago, while I had my micro cabin “The GottaGiddaWay” (see the video tour below) on the road for the Wellfleet, MA Cape Cod Eco Fest (thanks to Lydia Vivante for the invite, and Bnb for a gorgeous place to stay!), I was able to snap some photos (which will be laid out over several posts) to show just how amazing, especially in terms of micro-architecture, Cape Cod is. And the food….wow….another whole story…..

Anyway, I can find very little on these Eastham, MA camps/cottages (right on route 6), but I did find out that online many artists have painted them in the past. The future of this motorcourt dubbed “Tilted Acres Campground/Cabins” is also uncertain from what I’ve read. Whatever the case, I HAD to stop the car, turnaround, and snap a few photos…and again, MANY more from others towns, while I’ll post over time…

THE PLAN: After seeing how incredible the Cape is, in terms of tiny houses (and more!)- we’re slowly trying to raise sufficient funds to shoot a mini-film/episode of my program “Tiny Yellow House” about a trek out to The Cape Cod Dune Shacks in Provincetown, MA– showing many of the amazing sights, cabins, cottages, indie art galleries, and attractions along the way. We’re aiming to tackle something like this late in the summer, meaning, we need to haul arse NOW to get things ready and squared away, and to line up rental equipment, a mini crew, etc. If YOU might be interested in backing us, in exchange for exposure in this episode (ie a pbs style thanks ad in the beginning of the film), please contact me at kidcedar at gmail dot com. The end product will be quality- as have been our videos that have been covered/featured in the NY Times, Seattle Times, PBS, NPR, CBS News, Chronicle HD on ABC, The Boston Globe,,, and beyond.We’d love your help and support- or budget isn’t huge, but too large for my own wallet alone, as these shoots get costly, especially with a crew of helpers away from home- equipment, lodging, meals, gas, and the list goes on. With any excess beyond our budget, we’d like to film a thing or two, we have planned, in Brooklyn at some point too.

Here’s our latest film on a micro-homeless hut I built and designed- which yes, is purposefully goofy- don’t worry, the Cape Cod project will be much more straight-laced….

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