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Salvage Tips #4 (more free materials towards your tiny house/cabin/building projects….
May 30, 2011, 6:24 am
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Here’s a cool email (below) I got the other day from a blog reader- left as is- some cool ideas, and Mike’s right, boatyards tend to be a place that “harbor” (wocka, wocka…), wasteful types…..

As always, we appreciate any of your ideas and input….. and we’ll have more photos on that recent gypsy wagon project soon.

boatyard painting from

 Hi Deek,

Bought your book, follow your blog, always accumulating stacks of rescued boards and lumber in the back yard for projects.
A great place to dumpster dive: boatyards, especially now when guys are taking off the winter covers and getting ready to put the boats in the water. 
Stuff I have actually found in boatyard dumpsters:
* Lots of 1×2 lath (used as supports for winter covers)…. I built a tree house out of this stuff, and an arbor for my back deck.
* Plastic shrink wrap material … a substitute for Tyvek? (Deek: Prob TOO airtight- but there would be tons of other uses for it).
* Copper wire
* left over, partially empty cans of paint (Deek: Marine paint is usually very high grade, and VERY expensive).
* various boat fittings (hinges, latches, other nice chrome plated bronze thingies)
* quality lumber, especially teak, oak and mahogany.  I just finished building a really nice sofa table out of thrown out oak lumber and the top is a couple of mahogany boards that were the back seat of an outboard boat. Little useless chunks of oak board make my Sunday barbeque smell like a fancy Italian restaurant. (Deek: GREAT firewood too- if not treated/stained).
* electronics (marine radios, cd players, speakers etc.) Some broken, some not.
* flare guns and flares …. July 4 fun?  Home defense??? (Deek: Er…..might want to leave these behind- lol- unless for use on your own boat).
* First aid kits and supplies
* fishing tackle and lead fishing weights (can be sold for the metal melt value)
* rope, cord, fishing line
* tons of recyclable bottles and cans = $$$
A couple of hours on weekend mornings cruising the boatyard dumpsters along Quincy-Weymouth-Hingham (Massachusetts) coast usually yield about $30 in recyclable beverage units plus AT LEAST a couple of the other treasures listed above.(plus, its fun! (Deek’s note)).
All the best,
Good stuff Mike! Thanks so much!
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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I recently hit a building bonanza at a counter-top fabrication shop with an open dumpster/roll-away. Counter tops are sensitive to water, but for little shelves and tables, its the perfect material. Also, lots of plywood and 2×4 leftovers as well. Always dive the back roads of Industrial/Commercial Zoning!

Comment by Jonas Wakefield

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