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A 2009-2011 updated photo gallery my micro-houses, cabins, camps, shelters, and kid’s forts….
May 15, 2011, 8:03 pm
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HERE YOU GO, TWELVE CABINS/SHACKS I BUILT (most from the very end of 2009 until 2011) FROM THE CONCEPTS AND IDEAS IN MY BOOK….(Note: Vermont Cabin I started in 2001)

You can check out VIDEO/EPISODE tours of the show “TINY YELLOW HOUSE” for most of these structures….by clicking HERE.
MOST of these cabins and designs are IN/FROM my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” (click to see review/order it)- originally self released, and now out through Lyons Press.

Interior shot of “The Gypsy Junker”- a micro-house/cabin made from curbside/found junk and recycled materials. Photo: Bruce Bettis
Since many people ask “what exactly do you do/make?”….(and then turn away still confused after I try to explain it to them…) These are all micro-cabins/getaway sleeping and camping pods/hunting camps/outdoor work-offices- made from recycled-free materials- from designs in a book I wrote, funded by recycled/free materials….

A 64 square foot tiny guest shack that I built and designed for a show on The History Channel in Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, and brother, Dustin, is in the foreground. We unloaded, assembled, touched up the painting on, furnished, filmed, and then disassembled this cabin in under 12 hours in one single day. MANY more photos coming soon in another post.

 (I’m setting this photo/press gallery up because many have asked) -Email me if you want to use any of these photos- but PLEASE credit them to Derek “Deek” Diedricksen as the builder/designer (and and to each respective photographer (Bruce Bettis in most cases, or as otherwise noted). I’m pretty darn sure I won’t care if you use them- all depending. Thanks!

I also go through spurts where I think to myself “Man, I gotta get my ass moving and start working on some stuff/experimenting/building…”- so this gallery is somewhat self-serving in that its a visual reminder to myself that I’ve actually built quite a few things, micro-houses, forts, chicken coops, etc- and had a ton of fun doing it! And yes, there will be more to come….much more….mwahahahaha (Vincent Price-like sinister laugh). 
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
contact: kidcedar at gmail dot com

A writer’s retreat office space that I built and designed for horror author John Grover
“The Boxy Lady” Cabin- a micro, salvage-material built single sleeper/micro-camp/house on wheels that doubles as a street cart or vending kiosk (for the homeless/shelter).
The Vermont Cabin that me and my brother (Dustin) built- this photo is my favorite (by Bruce Bettis). The cabin is a mere 10′ by 10′, but three stories high. Its also in the middle of nowhere- only accessible by a short winding trail. We built the majority of this cabin without electricity, and without running water (its still this way today). ‘Bought the 10.2 acre parcel in 2000 for $11,500.00 when I was 21/22- after savin’ for a long time. We built it without plans, just figuring things out as we went along.
“The GottaGiddaWay” Homeless Shelter/Camp Prototype- Photo: Bruce Bettis, with Derek Diedricksen inside….
“The Wolfe’s Den Treehouse” that we built for an episode of Make Magazine and “Tiny Yellow House” on youtube. It was entirely built in boltable pieces in my yard near Boston, then hauled out and assembled in The Catskills in NY.
“The Hickshaw” micro-cabin (a wheeled single sleeper)- made from recycled materials (with a shot of my book and some of my homemade dandelion wine). Photo by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen.
“The fold-down fort” that I built for Make Magazine and my own show “Tiny Yellow House”- a shelving system/desk/kid’s fort/wall art- all in one! Still hanging in my house actually- and FOR SALE ($600 (shipped) proceeds will fund one of my next “Tiny Yellow House” episodes…  Photo: Steven Sherrick of Modern Vintage Productions.
A greenhouse/horror-author’s solar retreat- built and designed by myself- for an episode of “Tiny Yellow House” for Make Magazine too.
The “U.B. 30 Treehouse” that I built and designed as a surprise (on out VT land/camp) for my brother Dustin’s 30th birthday. Unfinished in photo…
Inside “The World’s Smallest (and built from free/junk materials) A-Frame”
“The GottaGiddaWay” micro-cabin- aka “The $100 Homeless Hut”- PHASE ONE- with a NY Times photographer in the shot. This was before we made it a little larger (although I must admit, I liked it when it was just this simple cube). Photo: Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
Vermont Cabin Exterior (at the lower trail leading to the outhouse). Photo: Bruce Bettis
 AND MORE PHOTOS coming soon- THE GYPSY JUNKER CABIN, etc…and I’m going to try to dig up some of the much older ones that I’ve never, ever, posted on…..the CT days….
THIS (ABOVE) is only SOME of what I’ve done recently….I’ve left a few of ’em out….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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What is the “tail” at the back of the “The GottaGiddaWay” phase 2 used for?

Comment by Georgie

Its an add-on for leg space within, so people can fully stretch out to sleep/nap if need be. When not used in that capacity- the roof lifts open on a hinge and it can be used for storage.

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

I'd love to buy it for our back yard as a play house but we are all the way out in Seattle. The shipping costs would probably be more than the cost of the “shack”!

Comment by Georgie

Looks like the way of the future. We need these affordable homes.

Comment by bennywa

I'd love some better pictures or even an instructional on how you use the trees to support the cabins. I'd like to do something similar on some land my mom has but haven't the first clue how to go about making it actually secure.

Comment by Hel

Hey Hal- perhaps a video for the future- not a bad idea…I might be building another treehouse for someone in 2012….


Comment by Derek Diedricksen

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