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Mimi Zeiger’s "Micro-Green" tiny housing book in Details Magazine (and "The Boom Hut" mini cabin)
May 5, 2011, 3:29 pm
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The “Boom Hut” by Frank Havermans- is one of my favorites in Mimi’s new book “Micro-Green”

Both Mimi Zeiger and her new book “Micro-Green” are just kick-ass….and she’ll be one of the speakers at our 2011- July 9th workshop in Stoughton, MA as well…. alongside Alex Pino of, Tristan Chambers and Libby Reinish of (who are bringing out their Caravan/Mobile House for an open showing!!), Dustin “Dr. Demolition” Diedricksen, and more…. a 13/14 hour day of tiny house/shelter mayhem, demos, and construction…. (kidcedar at gmail dot com)

Check out this very cool little article of REQUIRED ARCHITECTURAL READING….
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Micro Green: Tiny Houses in Nature
Rizzoli, $30
An anti-McMansion manifesto, this book surveys sustainably built houses whose owners gave up space for social conscience. The smallest: a 43-square-foot sleeping pod with six bunk beds.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Complete Works, Vol. 1, 1885—1916
Taschen, $200
This final volume in a triptych spanning Wright’s designs—realized and not—covers his earliest work, including the prairie houses.
The Tropical Modern House
Rizzoli, $50
When you live in Costa Rica or St. Barts, why go inside? These homes—with their open-air rooms and sweeping views—make for compelling reasons.
Alvar Aalto Houses
Princeton Architectural Press, $50
Aalto is best known in the U.S. for his furniture designs, but this book takes you on a tour of the 24 dwellings he conceived and built throughout Finland—some sleek and modern, others unexpectedly rustic.
Architects’ Sketchbooks
Metropolis Books/D.A.P., $50
Get inside the minds of starchitects like Shigeru Ban and Norman Foster by checking out their drawings, from spontaneous scribbles to intricate renderings.
Tomorrow’s Houses: New England Modernism
Rizzoli, $65
This book’s lush, panoramic photography is the next-best thing to a road trip to visit all of the region’s modernist homes.
Narrow Houses: New Directions in Efficient Design
Princeton Architectural Press, $45
When it comes to houses less than 25 feet wide, façades are deceiving: Savvy architecture makes the interiors feel airy, even spacious.
CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed
Taschen, $60
During the USSR’s last gasp, rule-breaking Eastern European architects created buildings resembling flying saucers and a game of Jenga.

(from Details Magazine)

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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