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Indoor A-frame kid and adult hang-spot/fort/tent
April 17, 2011, 8:01 am
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Busy day today- some carpentry (a treehouse for a client), and then a shoot later tonight with Steven Sherrick of Modern Vintage Productions for ANOTHER edition of “Tiny Yellow House” TV (on youtube) for MAKE MAGAZINE. To watch our other videos- CLICK HERE. Some of the vids are the lower-fo sideshow ones- so be sure to look for the ones with the actual title “Tiny Yellow House” title…

AND….Here’s another one to file under INDOOR CABINS/Tents for AMBIENCE….not a tiny house, but modeled after one….(from and Camping indoors? (Seems an oxymoron…)

I especially like this one, as I’m currently building a tiny, trellis-framed garden A-frame- which I most likely will be bringing down to Baltimore’s Camp-Camp art installation/festival at the end of this month- alongside “The Gottagiddaway” micro cabin/shed/greenhouse….
Can’t wait! is helping to back THREE NEW “TINY YELLOW HOUSE” TV shoots down there, and we’re still looking for one more related sponsor… kidcedar at gmail dot com to contact me….REAL affordable- and you’ll be mentioned/shown in the START of each of these three episodes…

Anyway, off to build! The sun’s starting to come out….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Love it!

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