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My micro-hut is FOR SALE (to help us finance our new episodes/and Baltimore-shoot/trip)
April 14, 2011, 2:33 pm
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Or I’ll gladly custom build another, or a larger one for you….
One of MANY new photos from Bruce Bettis….

Baltimore trip- THREE NEW SHOOTS for “TINY YELLOW HOUSE TV” (which I host/direct/produce)….
You can check out our videos and channel HERE….

The loose roster- end of this month (and we DEF needs small sponsors too- we’ll front mention your biz with photos, web text, and a voice over in the start of the episode….you’ll reach a TON of people in turn (ie- vid #1 now has 70,000 views..)….kid cedar at gmail dot com

Shoot 1: My Micro Tokyo-style shelter/sleeper (dubbed “The GottaGiddaWay”)….as seen in the NY Times (its for sale too- fully furnished- the custom stained glass window and all- $1200.00 cash). This little structure is perfect for an escape pod (I’ve done some blogging and tiny house design sketches from within it), for use as a micro greenhouse or coldframe, a really cool/fun kids fort (inside or out) or treefort, a meditation space, a garden shelter, or a REALLY funky/modern chicken coop…. contact me at the email above if you’re interested in buying it (after we film it). We can deliver/install it for a fee too…(this little cabin was in a shoot, one for WGBH, and on Chronicle HD, ABC-Boston as well…)

Shoot 2: A Maryland Treehouse built by Dan Wright from (who do GREAT work). We’ll be showcasing this incredible treehouse and interviewing Dan himself….and its proud owners….

Shoot 3: On the ride back, it looks like we’ll be filming and interviewing (while dead tired, I’m sure, after shoot 1 and 2) Elizabeth Turnbull- Yale Student (in New Haven, CT) who has built her own dorm-lodging/quarters for her stay/studies in Connecticut. She’s been ALL over the news in the past and is quite a fascinating woman. New Haven’s great- and I grew up close by- so I’m psyched to be going back. My great grandfather was the head professor of art at Yale too….his work hangs in museums, and in the VERY FAMOUS (also my relatives) Louis’ Lunch on Crown Street downtown…

This shooting and traveling is REALLY expensive, so any donations are appreciated (we’ll mention you in the credits)- to paypal id:– and any sponsors are very much so needed…..

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Hey Derek,
I'm interested in buying one of your 'micro' houses and was wondering how I could buy one? I also saw above that you said you can custom build another one or a larger one…exactly how do I go about doing that? Thanks so much my email is

Comment by Harrison Savage

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