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YOUR ideas for "Tiny Yellow House" tv- our upcoming tiny house/construction/and redneck thrift (dumpster diving/crafting videos)
April 13, 2011, 7:41 am
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 See our most recent post (one below) for info on our upcoming Baltimore trip/shoots for “Tiny Yellow House” TV on youtube…..we want your help, and will credit you in the video….(and further below- info on our tiny houses on the ABC Network’s “Chronicle”- airing tomorrow….

And (the last “And”- I swear…)- we might be shooting a lengthier, more multi-faceted, NEWER/slicker version of THIS video, below, real soon….where we’ll show you a few other “in-a-pinch” redneck rigs…..

What I want to do (and we’ll credit you in the video)- is to drop some of your ideas….ie (and I’ve already done it/made one before), as one viewer comically suggested, a office water-cooler jug-on-head set-up for protectiong one’s eyes- when REAL (ALWAYS preferable) safety goggles, and/or sunglasses aren’t on hand for WOODworking… post any ideas you have….the goofier (but effective) the better- as this will be a comedic “how-to” video….

Here’s (above) the basic idea of the video/the old video- ALSO a great project for kids, and costumes on Halloween! This is a VERY ROUGH, spur-of-the-moment “how to” clip I shot, while working on an actual tiny shelter/house project, where the need truly arose….

ALSO……CHECK IT OUT: Tiny Houses (mine) on TV- WCVB/Boston (New England’s ABC affiliate)- channel 5’s “Chronicle HD” show- 7:30pm tomorrow- has a piece on my backyard work/workshop, etc…

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Is our bicycle powered washing machine too elaborate for a how-to video?

Comment by John

saw that one before! GREAT stuff….yeah, wouldn't be opposed to building one down the road when I have time, but right now I'm more looking for ideas for the goofy-goggles one…

Thanks though!

Comment by Derek Diedricksen

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